BKB maintains high standards of combat sport and providing the experience of a excellent evening with exceptional fighters producing up the best action in the world.

We demand integrity
Winning together
Working hard
Inspiring solutions
Respect others
Celebrate success


Bringing this intensely exciting purist combat sport into the mainstream where it belongs. Fighters always equally matched "no easy fights". We are rapidly gaining respect and popularity! Every fan of combat sport needs to experience a night at a BKB event and see and experience for yourself the spine tingling, addreniline pumping atmosphere. You will be hooked. - Joe Brown, Director of BKB


For much of the 19th century boxing was not considered a sport in America. It was generally outlawed as a notorious crime, and boxing matches would be raided by the police and the participants arrested.

Despite the official bans on matches, boxers often met in celebrated fights which drew large crowds and were reported in newspapers. And in the era before padded gloves became standard gear, the action in the bare knuckles era was particularly brutal.

Matches could go on for hours, with opponents battering away at each other until one collapsed or was beaten insensible. While the contests involved punching, the action bore scant resemblance to modern boxing matches.

A change in rules occurred in the 1860s in England. An aristocrat and sportsman, John Douglas, who held the title of the Marquess of Queensberry, developed a set of rules based on the use of padded gloves. The new rules came into use in the United Kingdom in the 1880s.


Terry Barrett: I remember traveling up to coventry early one saturday morning to get ready for BKB at sports connection centre. I arrived early at around 12.00 midday at the Holiday inn and could not get in to room until 2.00. Very slowly from around an hour later people started to arrive. I remember a bug lad, stubble around his chin and wearing a Flat cap. He was a brash loud guy and we spoke. It turned out to be James Hearne. I remember looking at him and thinking, Fukinel, Billy Hawthorne has his work cut out with this match up. I remember the first time that i met Billy and it was at the old Dog Track probably more than a year before. Sorry but time flys in my life. When i met Billy, i had no idea who he was or what he was capleble of. I didnt even think he was a fighter but how wrong i was ! Anyway, getting back to UBBAD And coventry. I did not go to the weigh in but i then learned after the Hearne had gone and wire sum kind of sumo fat boy suit and thought it was funny. Personally ithought it was offensive and fukin out of order. From that moment i wanted Billy to rip his head off once in the ring !! I remember them both in the ring before the fight started and the atmosphere was electric as it is at every UBBAD Bare Knuckle event. Once the fight started then i could not contain myself. I was shouting for billy at the top of my voice and i am sure that i was pissing iff everybody around me. Then came that punch from Hearne that put Billy down !! I remember Hearne running across the ring to Billy to shout offensive shit at him only to find Shaun Smith grabbing Hearne and throwing him back to his corner. It was at this point that many could tell that Billy really had had enough and was shaking his head saying, no more, no more, But the crowd got behind Billy and i was shouting at the top of my voice and willing him to get up ! In a sudden turn around, Billy Hawthorne rose up to the cheering and shouting of the crowd and pilled in to Hearne and connected with a punch that knocked James Hearne in to the middle of the next week !! Now that was a fight that i really enjoyed. Hearnes hair was all over the place and so was his thought process !! He looked week and totally out of the game. What a Awesome Fight and a really well deserved win by Billy. I remember talking to Hearne whi was then a shadow of the big hard man that i had met hours earlier and he was still out of the game in my opinion. Anyway, that is a little journey in words of what i saw and enjoyed on that day and night at UBBAD at Coventry Cinnections centre. T. X.

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