Posted on Monday 30th September


Event Info

Live Bare Knuckle Boxing at the Indigo O2 Arena. Tickets on sale now! As the dust settles on the best nights in combat sports around BKB18; We now look forward to BKB19!

Fight Order For BKB19

Turner v Hilz - 3 Rounds
Clark v Olsen - 3 Rounds
Geven v Rawes - 5 Rounds / PF / SF
Gibson v Hendry - 3 Rounds
Morgan v Mchugh - 3 Rounds
Holmes v Shaw - 5 Rounds / BT
Thomas v Parker - 3 Rounds
Hibbert v Lilley - 3 Rounds
Lafferty v Smith - 5 Rounds / PF / SF
Nelder v Lerwell - 5 Rounds / BT
Franco v Sweeney - 7 Rounds / WT

Walkout first on left second on right.

PF - Prizefighter
SF- Semi Final
BT - British Title
WT - World Title

Fight Card

Jimmy Sweeney vs Ricardo Franco
Daniel Lerwell vs Ricky Nelder
Smudger Smith vs Tony Lafferty
Mark Rawes vs Hubert Geven
Scott McHugh vs Craig Morgan
Mason Shaw vs Anthony Holmes
Micky Parker vs Dave Thomas
James Lilley vs John Hibbert
Paul Hilz vs Mitch Turner
Eric Olsen vs Dom Clark
Ashley Gibson vs Darren Hendry

Date & Time

16th November 2019
7pm - 12am


Indigo at the O2

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