BKB™ Prize Fighter: Ricardo Franco

Posted on Tuesday 5th March

BKB™ Prize Fighter: Ricardo Franco

BKB™ Prize Fighter: Ricardo Franco


Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, a town with a population of 22,000. A location in which Ricardo Franco, Prize Fighter tournament semi-finalist fights out of and currently resides. On March 30th, Franco will fight in front of a crowd 1/10th the population of Gainsborough, where he takes on Connor Tierney. The victor will move on to the finals, going head to head with the winner of Smudger Smith vs. James Connelly, also taking place at the end of the month in the O2 Arena. 

Undefeated in bare knuckle boxing (3-0), Franco looks to extend his winning streak at BKB 16, live on PPV and Fite tv. 

Still young, Ricardo has many years of experience competing all over the world. Having found a home with BKB™ and finding success early on in his run with the promotion, this tournament (Prize Fighter) is the perfect opportunity to further showcase his ever-growing skills inside the ring. 

“Jim Freeman (co-owner of BKB™) approached my coach Danny Mitchell, who’s a former UFC fighter, to be apart of the show. Due to personal injuries, Danny retired but put my name forward. I’ve always wanted to fight Bare Knuckle, either legal or illegal but this was the perfect opportunity. I was very successful in my first 2 bouts of BKB, then thought 10k Prize Fighter was just for me! I think my style for BKB is perfect, as I can adapt to anyone’s style for boxing. I’ve been in the game over 9 years and had loads of crazy experience fighting around the world and, striking is my favourite [style of fighting].”

Tierney, who will be opposite of Franco on the 30th is also undefeated, scoring a win in his first BKB outing. Ricardo well aware of the task at hand tends to keep his focus on his self-growth, stating he is “on another level” when talking about the other three remaining in the tournament. 

“Connor’s obviously a good boxer, otherwise he wouldn’t be in the tournament like everyone else. I don’t tend to look into my opponents too much, just a quick clip will do. [I’ve] seen a bit of his last fight and I think it’s a perfect fight for me, he’s young and confident like myself which you have to be, but with my training and experience at the minute, I feel like am on another level to all these guys in the tournament. [I] am in the best shape and [am the most] condition I’ve ever been.”

Similar to the others, the £10,000 (tournament winning purse) certainly helps, however, it’s becoming the tournament champion that drives Franco in his current training camp ahead of his up-and-coming fight. Seemingly unbothered by the potential winnings, Ricardo says he “would stick 10k all on red at the casino”. 

“£10.000 is obviously a lot of money and it helps, but the money doesn’t motivate me. I do this as I have passion for the sport and love a fight. It’s more winning the tournament for me then on to the world title. Tbh (to be honest), I would stick 10k all on red at the casino.” Closing out his statement with a laugh. 

With four remaining, the goal is the same for everyone; Winning the tournament. It’s obvious what we can expect come fight night, and as you can guess, Franco doesn’t see his fight with Tierney going the full 5-rounds. 

“[I] am training on a world title level right now, so you can expect a fast, explosive pace for 5 rounds with some heavy shots. I can’t see it going 5 rounds either. I am 100% winning this fight.”

With tickets completely sold out, you can still watch this fight, as well as a long list of additional fights, including the return of Brad Pickett on PPV. 

Who wins, and advances to the finals: Franco or Tierney? Let us know on Twitter: @bkb_official1
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