Jimmy Sweeney Predicts Knockout of Edgar Puerta

Posted on Friday 12th April

Jimmy Sweeney, Edgar Puerta

At BKB 17, Jimmy Sweeney will make his return to the BKB™ ring, welcoming former WBC champion, Edgar Puerta to bare-knuckle boxing. Not only does ‘The Celtic Warrior’ predict a finish, but he says the job will be complete within four rounds.


On June 8th, BKB™ makes its return to the O2 Arena in London, England, bringing yet again another fan favorite fight card. In addition to the ‘Prize Fighter’ finals, the debut of Marcus Brimage and more, Jimmy Sweeney will also make his return, welcoming the former WBC champion, Edgar Puerta to the world of bare-knuckle combat.


21-1, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sweeney is one of the most active bare-knuckle boxers, and after his first seven-month break from competing, he will be brought back to the close-quarters ring with the biggest challenge standing across from him.


While using the last seven months as a resting and recovery period, Sweeney says Puerta has the advantage in this fight. Having gained weight, sitting well above the 74kg limit, Sweeney has returned back to fight camp, focused on weight loss and the task at hand – defending his lightweight title.


No matter the obstacle, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ will look to prove why he’s the number one bare-knuckle boxer the sport has to offer.


“Everyone knows I’ve been out on rest for shit, 7 months, and I’ve put on a shit load of weight. I’m not worried about the fight, more so getting the weight down now. I’ve always said to Jim and Joe (co-owners of BKB™) to get me the top names, get me the best fights, I want the best fighters. I think they really delivered with this guy, Edgar Puerta. He’s a former WBC Silver Belt champion and fought for the WBC title. I think he’s boxed Olympic champions, undefeated boxers, etc. If anything, he has the advantage in this fight, as I’m sitting well above weight and I have to get down to 74kg. He’s already at the weight and in shape. Advantage to him. I’m really looking forward to getting back in there and showing everyone why I’m the #1 guy in bare-knuckle boxing.”


With a rather large amount of weight to lose before weigh-ins on the morning of June 8th, Sweeney has already begun training camp, taking things to a whole new level this time around.


“I’m down in training camp now, training twice a day. All my meals are prepared for me. I’m in proper camp. I decided to do a 9-week camp for this fight. I’m up every morning at 7am in the gym doing fat burning sessions. I’ve already lost half a stone (7lbs). It’ll go fast (the weight).”


Only suffering one loss, in which he later avenged, Jimmy Sweeney has dominated the newly legalized sport of bare-knuckle boxing. Becoming a three-division champ, Sweeney would find himself in back-to-back-to-back training camps, leading to his recent, much needed time away from competing.


“I decided I just needed time off. I’m the most active BKB fighter today. I have 22 fights. No one is close to me. Before I took a break I think I missed 1 show in 3 years or something like that. I just needed time off. I FELT I was getting burnt out, my hands weren’t as great, and I needed some time to spend with family. I just needed time for the body to recover.”


Born into a family of not only athletes but more specifically boxers, it was only a matter of time before Sweeney would follow in the footsteps of his father and brothers. Once Jimmy discovered BKB was legalized and done on a professional level, the rest was history, as they say.


‘The Celtic Warrior’ would continue what seems to now be a family tradition.


“My father boxed before me, my brothers boxed before me, we’re a fighting family. I was always going to get into boxing. Because I’m an Irish traveller, BKB is part of my cultures. It’s always been around. It’s part of our life. When I found out it was done professionally and legally in the United Kingdon, I jumped at the opportunity.”


In addition to his fight with Puerta, the ‘Prize Fighter’ finals will also take place at BKB 17. The winner will be set to square off with Sweeney, should he defend his title on June 8th. Looking ahead, Sweeney doesn’t care who wins the tournament, already laying claim to his next victim.


“I’m the champion, that’s my job. When I beat Edgar, I will beat whoever wins the finals. I don’t care who it is, I’ll fight whoever. Whoever wins the finals, they’ll be my next victim.”


With Connelly and Franco set to meet in the finals, Sweeney gives his predictions on the fight.


“It’s hard to tell, they’re both good fighters. (James) Connelly is the better boxer. If it goes to decision, Connelly wins. If it’s a stoppage, (Ricardo) Franco.”


Recently announced, BKB™ will kickoff another ‘Prize Fighter’ lightweight tournament in September, the winner taking home the tournament championship, the Jack Broughton trophy and £10000.


Currently the champion of the division, Sweeney has no interest in competing in the eight-man competition, but should a new weight-class offer the opportunity, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ will “definitely” search for a fourth title.


“Oh, definitely. I’d definitely enter. It’s a great competition, drawn so much interest from all over. The buzz of being in the tournament is great. If a new division popped up and there was a tournament, I’d definitely be interested in a tournament like that”


So active and the owner of a 22-fight BKB record, Sweeney still sees himself having the potential to compete until he’s 40 years of age. With a fighting style like his, he manages to absorb little to no damage, the perfect example being his last bout against a former Ultimate Fighter contestant. ‘The Celtic Warrior’ would score a knockout in the opening minute of the first round.


“It’s hard to tell. With my style in bare-knuckle, I could probably go on till I’m 40. With how I fight, I don’t really get into wars. For other fighters, they’re brawlers and won’t have long careers. I could fight till I’m 40. That’s how good I am.”


Expectations are high ahead of his return at BKB 17. Not only does Jimmy Sweeney predict a win, but he says it will only take him a max of four rounds to earn himself yet another knockout victory.  


“I’m just going to box. To be honest, it’s going to be funny, because he’s never done bare-knuckle, but he’s a big banger, with loads of knockouts. When you take your gloves off, this guy can bang, but then again, I can bang. I know I’ve got a good chin. I expect it to be a bit of a tear up, see who lands first. I think I will knock him out within 4 rounds.”