Danny Anderson Ready to Rumble at BKB 17

Posted on Monday 3rd June

Danny Anderson, Ready to Rumble, BKB 17

This weekend at the Indigo at the O2 Arena in London, England, Danny Anderson is set to make his debut against Marley Churcher, eying a big win and a successful future within bare-knuckle boxing.


In Croydon, just south of London, England, lives Danny Anderson, who’s set to make his bare-knuckle boxing debut at BKB 17 on June 8th, where he’ll square off with Marley Churcher, who also makes his BKB debut.


While this is Anderson’s first time competing in bare-knuckle, he won’t enter the Indigo at the O2 Arena without a lengthy resume within the unlicensed boxing scene.


Having fought 73 fights, 58 of those are victories. With his focus now on the newly legalized sport of boxing without the use of gloves, Anderson sees a future with BKB, looking to make an impact upon his first outing.


“It's a great opportunity for me to start building on something with BKB. I’ve had plenty of support throughout my new career, and hopefully, this is the start of a good thing.” Anderson continues, touching on his up-and-coming opponent. “I know Marley (Churcher) was a good amateur boxer and turned pro, having won a few fights from there.”


Knowledge is key, and while Danny only touched on his opponent briefly, the task at hand isn’t in question.


From previous experience, the weight cut has always been the toughest part of preparing for a fight for Anderson, so this time around, his training camp is a little different, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.


Eyeing a successful future in BKB, it’s all or nothing for Anderson, and everything’s going according to plan.


“I've done the weight cut first because I hate that part. I went from 93kg to 86-87kg, so it wasn't too dramatic. I've timed this camp well, so I've prepared right.”


In a previous conversation, Anderson said: “Expect me to turn up on the weight, in shape, and ready to rumble.” and just one-week out, he remains on track, then sending a final message to his opponent.


“Good luck to Marley Churcher, and I'll see you on June 8th.”


Live on the preliminary fight card, Danny Anderson and Marley Churcher square off, both making their bare-knuckle boxing debuts at BKB 17 on June 8th. Order your PPV on Fite and Sky Tv.