Ricky Nelder Expects ‘Fight of the Year’ with Rob Boardman

Posted on Tuesday 23rd April

Ricky Nelder, Rob Boardman ,BKB 17

At BKB 17, Ricky Nelder takes on undefeated Rob Boardman, predicting a ‘Fight of the
Year’ award following their encounter on June 8th

Ricky ‘The Birmingham Bull’ Nelder (9-3-1), from Birmingham, England will make his return back to the ring on June 8th at BKB 17, squaring off with undefeated professional and bare-knuckle boxer, Rob Boardman.

Both coming off of a recent win, Nelder would earn himself a victory at BKB 15, defeating Eric Olsen in the third round by doctor stoppage in a back and forth war.

Ahead of his up-and-coming fight at the O2 Arena in London, just days ago, Nelder announced the birth of his third child and newborn son, Joey. With already a lot on his plate, a supportive family helps with the baby duties as Ricky remains in fight camp and working a full time job. There will be no distractions leading into his early June pay-per-view appearance.

“We have a son now. Little Joey to go with my daughter's Sophia and Suzie. We are all over the moon, and no, I'll be fine for next show.” Nelder continues, “Nic, my wife is amazing and does all the night feeds as she knows I'm up at 5 am to run before work, so no mate won't have any excuses.”

Standing across from Nelder, who brings a world of bare-knuckle boxing experience to the ring is Rob Boardman (2-0 in BKB, 6-0 professional boxing), and though Ricky admits this will be a tough fight, will experience prove to be the winning factor?

Boardman has yet to face defeat, and at BKB 16 (his last fight) he displayed exactly why he’s undefeated with a near-flawless performance.

Once again acknowledging this will be a “tough fight”, ‘The Birmingham Bull’ won’t make it an easy outing for Boardman, win or lose.

“He (Rob Boardman) seems a great bloke. I've met him at shows and he's sound. Animal in the ring though! I know its going to be a tough fight for both of us.” Nelder says, further adding, “I've only watched his 2 BKB fights. I haven't seen his pro fights. Looks really aggressive in BKB. Obviously, a real good boxer to be 6-0 in the pro gloved game. When I spoke to Jim Dove (co-owner of BKBtm) about my next match, I asked for someone tough and unbeaten, just the hardest fight he could get me out of the lads. Not a long career (fighting bare-knuckle or most combat sports), so I only want memorable fights. Really excited for this one.”

Though Nelder brings the greater experience, having nearly 15 gloveless boxing fights, Ricky says after just two, Boardman should have all the experience he needs to fully understand bare-knuckle boxing. That being said, a bold prediction would follow.

“I’d say after 2 BKB fights he got all the experience he needs in it anyway. Once your 1st one with no gloves it out the way, you’re ready for them all. Saying that, though, there's a good chance he will break his now exposed knuckles on my big concrete head like others have.” Nelder laughed and went on, “My experience in this game just tells me no one will ever stop me.”

Ricky Nelder has been apart of the England based bare-knuckle promotion, BKBtm from its inaugural event. Watching the growth of the sport before his very own eyes, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the ever-growing organization takes its show to an even bigger stage, and Nelder sees this happening as early as next year.

“It’s amazing what Joe Smith-Brown, Jim Freeman Dove and the team have done in such a short space of time. When I 1st joined them 3 or 4 years ago when it was still called UBBAD on small shows, they was confidently predicting this boom would happen, and now it's happening! This will be my 14th bare-knuckle [fight] and I've gone from fighting at Colwick Hall to Coventry, Newcastle, Liverpool and now seeing them sell out indigo at 02, so I love that I got to see this journey 1st hand. I think next year they will need a bigger venue as it's just going from strength to strength now.”

In this day and age, YouTube has been a huge part in spawning ones love for combat sports and their urge to compete, and it was no different for ‘The Birmingham Bull’, leading him to a rather active career in combat sports.

“I watched some of the old fights on YouTube, seen the McCrory vs. Radford fight and knew it was up my street. I knew I'd love this.”

As he continues on in his fight camp, Ricky Nelder sees his fight with Boardman as a potential ‘Fight of the Year’ opportunity, confident it will deliver what the fans expect of the match up.

Looking to waste no time, Nelder hopes the two will meet in the center of the ring with only one walking away, the other laid out on the mat.

“I said when this fight 1st got announced that it could be fight of the year and I stick by that. I'm hoping we both come out and meet in middle and go toe to toe the fans will love that. My trainer, Kenny has brought my boxing up so many levels, always telling me off for getting into a scraps instead of taking my time! But makes for a great fight either way.”

Also fighting at BKB 17 is James Connelly, a close friend and training partner of Nelder. Ricky would conclude the interview by thanking this camp and members of, family, sponsors and you, the fans for purchasing tickets and the PPV on Fite TV.

“Also, big good luck to my good pal James Connelly in his prizefighter final. Special mentions to Kenny Willis and Simon Haycock for all the help they give me since I came back to training. Fitness factory, 2 Craftcare construction, Dj Nelder painting services, Asj building, Dan Luckman And Nigel and the lads at meme gym Bromsgrove, thank you all. Cheers to BKBtm for having me on and thank you to everyone that has bought a ticket so far.”

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