Finale: Sean McFarlane’s Final Walk to the Ring, or is it?

Posted on Wednesday 1st May

Sean McFarlane’s ,Final Walk ,to the Ring

On June 8th, Sean McFarlane may be making his last walk to the BKB™ ring, as he takes on up-and-comer Scott McHugh at BKB 17.


Warrington, England, 20 miles east of Liverpool lives Sean ‘Razor’ McFarlane, one of the more active bare-knuckle boxers still competing today, and he is once again just a week away from yet another fight night - one that could be his last.


Now 38 years of age and 6-2-1 in BKB, McFarlane also found success in gloved semi-professional boxing, obtaining a 15-1-1 record.


Standing across from ‘Razor’ will be Scott McHugh (1-1 in BKB), who’s coming off of a win over Paul Stredder, who happens to be a good friend and training partner of McFarlane. Though Sean has greater experience in combat sports and more specifically bare-knuckle boxing, he doesn’t feel as though that will be the deciding factor of this fight.


“My experience will hopefully help, but don't think will be the deciding factor in this fight. Hard work, dedication and the will to win could be the key.” McFarlane carried on, “Scott's (McHugh) had two BKB fights now and is coming off the back of a good win against my good friend Paul Stredder, but that has no relevance to me fighting. It (the fight) was offered to me and I accepted because I think our styles work well. I would have expected a fight against any of the lads Jim & Joe (co-owners of BKB™) mentioned to me.”


Expecting no easy fight, ‘Razor’ gives his thoughts on his opponent, McHugh and what challenges he brings to their BKB 17 pay-per-view fight.


“He's a good lad, first of all. I respect what he's done and achieved already in the short time he's been involved in the sport but on June 8th all that goes to one side when we enter the ring. He’s got floors in his style and fight game, but so do I. I'm fully expecting him to have worked hard on the things with his team like I have and be prepared for anything. No easy fights in this sport.”


With a world of combat knowledge and experience under his belt, ‘Razor’ highlighted some of his achievements in bare-knuckle boxing, and also his decision to come out of retirement for the opportunity to compete for BKB™ inside the illustrious O2 in London, England.  


“This will be my 10th BKB fight I've had. 3 first round KOs for UBBAD, then got beat by Jimmy Sweeney, left to fight for a different company where I went 3-0-1, and in that time I won and defended the light heavyweight title.” In the end, it’s all about family, McFarlane continued, “I decided to retire from the sport to spend time with my wife and 4 kids, then was given a massive opportunity to fight for BKB™ once again by Jim & Joe. The standard had improved a hell of a lot since I was there previously, so I've stepped it up to be able to compete at this level.”


In his last outing, Sean came up short against the now ‘Prize Fighter’ finalist, Ricardo Franco in the opening round of the tournament. Though he states his fight camp went really well, he admits Franco was the better man, and the best of the eight competing in the tournament. Things perhaps could have been different, McFarlane says, but “we’ll never know.”


“Last fight against (Ricardo) Franco wasn't the best for me. He picked me off very easily. I worked extremely hard on the camp, it went really well, (I) just didn't get to show it on that night. The cut [sustained in his fight against Franco] didn't help, as I couldn't see properly, but it was clear to everyone that Franco was levels above me. I was unlucky getting one of, or the hardest opponent out the 7 in the first round.” Should he have been matched up with somebody different in the opening round, McFarlane sees the tournament going much differently. “Things could have been different if I got someone else, but we'll never know.”


Having moved on from his opportunity in the ‘Prize Fighter’, McFarlane details his days inside and outside of training camp ahead of his fight with McHugh.


If it’s not a 12-hour shift at work, it’s family. If it’s not family, it’s training. If it’s not training, it’s back to work. A full circle for McFarlane as he prepares for June 8TH.


“My training camp is going really well. I’ve been working hard with my coach Liam Blaney, also working with Paul Stredder who is a very good fighter and coached for years. I’m doing 12-hour shifts (at work), training twice a day, plus juggling family time around. This is very hard and takes a lot out of me physically and mentally, but my wife and kids help and support what I do 100 per cent. My diet is going really well. I got a food prep company that has sponsored me.  Prepped2Go Runcorn sorts all my dietary needs, and save me a lot of time and costs.”


Having previously retired, it’s unclear when we see the ‘Razor’s final appearance, and even though he hints that day may come soon, McFarlane tells the fans that will be in attendance and watching around the world to expect him at his best. A ‘Prime’ Sean McFarlane, if you will.


“Expect me to be at my best for June 8th against Scott. I know this sport is very unforgiving. 2 back-to-back losses put you almost out (of) the picture. People love backing a winner, and that’s something I’ve always been. I'll win this fight and show everyone that I'm meant to be at this level. I'll be more comfortable at this weight now so everyone gets behind me and shows your support.”


As our interview came to a close with McFarlane, he said, “I’m looking forward to training hard. I’ve got to go out in style and get this big win.”


Having made no previous retirement announcement for the near future, Sean McFarlane confirms this may be the last time we see him compete.

“Looking that way, mate (when asked about his plan to retire following his June 8th fight). I just need time with my family. I'll never be the best in BKB, but I've been the best I can be and I think I'll only get slower as time goes by. It’s the right time. I may change my mind, but as of now, I want to retire.”