James Lilley Eyeing Brad Pickett After Recent BKB 17 Victory

Posted on Wednesday 3rd July

James Lilley, Eyeing Brad Pickett,bkb17

Though he has some “unfinished business”, James Lilley is eyeing Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett in his next bare-knuckle boxing fight. 


At BKB 17, which took place this past June 8th, 2019, James Lilley made his return to the BKBtm ring, where he took on late replacement fighter, Jonny Lawson, ultimately earning the judges’ decision after their three-round pay-pre-view bout. 


After a beautiful performance at BKB 17, Lilley is in search of the top names, which includes the one and only Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett. 


Pickett, who’s now 1-0 in bare-knuckle boxing, is coming off of a first-round TKO victory over Mark Handley at BKB 16. This would serve as his return to combat sports following his retirement from mixed martial arts in his last UFC outing. 


Lilley, who has already been vocal about wanting the Pickett fight, is one of many who look to challenge the former UFC star. Though nothing is finalized, James continues to rally for a fight with ‘One Punch’, saying: “I've made no secret about it. I want (Brad) Pickett for the featherweight title. I have nothing but respect for the man. He is a huge name in the UK, and having competed in MMA myself, of course, I want to go after a legend.”


Looking back on his most recent win on June 8th at the O2 Arena in London, England, Lilley details his lead-up, during, and post-victory at BKB 17. 


“For me I don't think there was a great deal of talk. I had a poor performance back in September in a fight that a lot of people thought went the other way. I then made myself unavailable to due to MMA commitments, so I kind of felt like the forgotten man.” ‘Lights Out’ Lilley continued, “ Even with my boxing back round and the amounts of fights I have had, I went in as underdog against Lafferty. I trained like a man possessed for this one and felt I had a point to prove. Obviously, there was a change of opponent and props to Lawson for stepping up, I don't think many would have beaten me that night. Everything came together perfectly. I felt good, really good. I was nervous leading up to the fight. I knew a bad performance could cast serious doubt on my future and I knew there is a big fight right around the corner.”


There’s no question Lilley made an unforgettable impact earlier last month and has now positioned himself back in top contention. Once again eyeing a fight with the legend, Pickett. That, or his unfinished business. 


To further elaborate on his “unfinished business” James says: “I have a list of fighters I want to fight. This isn't because I have anything against them, but for a different reason. Pickett, as he is the champ, and then a few fighters I have unfinished business with Grogan, Lafferty (who was scheduled to pull out of their BKB 17 fight due to personal reasons) and Gibbons.”


As the promotion eyes international events in 2020, James Lilley is all ears and ready for action. With the ultimate goal of becoming champion, he also would like to travel for competition, something he hasn’t done since his armature days. 


“My goal with BKBtm is to get some straps around my waist. They are looking to stage an event overseas next year and I have only fought abroad as an amateur, so (I) would like to as a pro before I call it a day.”


With a long list of fighters in line for a crack at Brad Pickett, nothing is finalized, but the promotion (BKBtm) is confident he will return to the ring, in which many challenges await. 


If you missed BKB 17, which featured James Lilley vs. Jonny Lawson, it is still available on Fite.tv with unlimited replays. 


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