Marcus Brimage on BKB Debut, the Future of his MMA Career

Posted on Friday 17th May

Marcus Brimage, BKB Debut, MMA Career

On June 8th, Marcus Brimage will make his bare-knuckle boxing debut at the O2 in London, England. Opposite what he calls a “Barbarian”, Brimage is ready for something new, yet so familiar, and warns the fans of his much anticipated incoming.

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and now fighting out of Coconut Creek, Florida, Marcus ‘The Bama Beast’ Brimage is set to make his bare-knuckle boxing debut on June 8th in the Indigo at the O2 Arena in London, England. Jamie Oldfield, who welcomes Brimage to the England based promotion, is also set to make his promotional debut.

A former UFC competitor, Brimage would go 4-4 for the leading mixed martial arts organization, competing for them from 2011 to 2015. His last MMA fight was in June of 2016.

Outside of competing and training martial arts, Brimage is a Yoga instructor and Personal Trainer at yoga hOMe in the Pompano Citi Centre, and at 24 Hour Fitness in Tamarac, Florida.

In what goes from one extreme to the next, Yoga has helped Barimage in a number of ways. However, as Marcus says, “a pose can’t fix everything, but sometimes punching someone in the face can.”

Now making the adjustments from working fulltime as a PT, Yoga instructor, and competing in MMA, a sport where knees, kicks, elbows, takedowns, and submission are legal, ‘The Bama Beast’ looks to make a successful transition into bare-knuckle boxing. Sure, there’s less to worry about in regards to different offensive and defensive techniques, but at the same time, as Brimage says, there’s a “deeper understanding” to the skill of boxing, and boxing only, especially gloveless.

To quote the great and powerful Bruce Lee, “I don't fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks. I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

“to be honest, the way I train, it’s really not much of a transition. Subtractions of the takedowns, kicks and elbows, it seems like a pretty straight forward game.” Marcus Brimage continued, “There’s less weapons to worry about, but there’s a deeper understanding, especially when it comes to bare-knuckle. There’s a lot of danger with this.”

In addition, he adds, when asked about the difference in BKB™’s weigh-in format, “With MMA, cutting weight was a big problem. A lot of times you lose a fight based upon the weight cut. This isn’t really a factor here. Same day weigh-ins are great.”

Though his signing is rather recent news, bare-knuckle isn’t anything new to Brimage. Having trained Kung Foo, as well as other disciplines without the use of gloves, Marcus sees greater opportunity with little to no hand protection.

“When I saw bare-knuckle boxing, I thought ‘hey, those....’ there were certain sections in martial arts I could pull off bare-knuckle or with MMA gloves that I couldn’t do with traditional boxing gloves.”

“I gained interest in bare-knuckle boxing when I started doing Kung Foo. You don’t have gloves on when you do Kung Foo. I have experience in bare-knuckle through training other disciplines, and sparring with just MMA gloves.”

Welcoming the UFC vet to the ring is Jamie Oldfield, who holds an undefeated boxing record of 3-0, and last competed on November 3rd, 2018.

Now also scheduled to make his BKB debut, Marcus has done his necessary research on what he calls a “Barbarian”, highlighting the 24-year-olds strengths throughout his short, but very successful boxing career.

“Man, he’s is a barbarian. I checked out a couple of his fights. Man, he looks very, very strong. That right hand of his almost looks like a sledge hammer.”

Having looked into Oldfield’s previous fights, Brimage doesn’t believe in overthinking the opponents potential game plan. After focusing on a few key components, the extent of Brimage’s training camp will consist of a greater focus on his physical and mental progression. A process built from experience.

“to be honest, I look at his fights, how he wins, that’s it. I have a few of my guys check them out, see if they can see anything I can’t, and then it’s full focus on me. I’ve focused on my opponent more in the past, and it took away from me. I keep the main key points in my head, and continue my progression with those in mind.”

Oldfield, who lives in the United Kingdom, will have less of travel come fight night, while Brimage will board a flight from Florida to London, England, presenting a five-hour time difference upon his arrival.

No stranger to fighting internationally, the time difference and “jet lag” is no bother for ‘The Bama Beast’. His time in the military, he says, played a rather big roll in his discipline, and being able to adapt.

“that’s an adjustment I’m used to making. I work night shifts. When I was in the military, you get 4 hours of sleep. Just 4 hours. You just have to do what you’ve got to do, and that’s it.” Brimage further discusses how the Military played a roll in his being able to function on little rest, at least in his younger years. A better understanding of the importance of rest, Marcus maintains his discipline in other aspects and once again continues to adapt as things change. “When I was younger I could function on no sleep, as I did in the military, but as I’ve aged, I further understand the importance of rest. I remain disciplined, but certain aspects have changed.”

One of the biggest questions in Marcus Brimage’s signing with BKB™ is: “are you done with MMA?”, and right now, the answer seems to be yes, at least for the time being.

“To be honest, right now I just want to try this out (BKB). It seems like fun, and I just want to focus on this and see where it takes me.” And when followed up by what the fans watching around the world and in the audience can expect on June 8th, ‘The Bama Beast kept it short and sweet.

“Marcus Brimage is fighting bare-knuckle.”

Brimage ends with a “special shootout to Josh Keys (@joshkeys22 Instagram), and Lost legacy martial arts (”. Josh Keys, a good friend of Brimage’s from the UK, helped in getting Marcus involved in the newly legalized sport of bare-knuckle boxing. Lost Legacy is the home of Brimage’s training camp ahead of his up-and-coming PPV fight, available on and Sky Tv.

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