Mickey Parker Welcomes Mark Godbeer to BKB “Absolute War”

Posted on Saturday 23rd March

Mickey Parker Welcome Mark Godbeer

Mickey Parker will Welcome Mark Godbeer to BKB with an “Absolute War”

Former UFC competitor, Mark ‘The Hand Of’ Godbeer recently announced he was coming out of retirement, to not only compete in mixed martial arts again but also make his bare-knuckle debut with BKB™. Having proven his high-level boxing, it seems as though there is no better time than now for the former BAMMA heavyweight champion.

Welcoming Godbeer to BKB™ is Mickey Parker, who will bring the greater bare-knuckle boxing experience. Going 4-1 for the promotion, Parker has found great success in gloveless combat. While he’s thrilled to have the opportunity to share the ring with Godbeer, make no mistake about it, Parker is preparing for an “absolute war” at BKB 16.

Fighting out of Havant, a town in the south-east corner of Hampshire, both Parker and Godbeer will be competing rather close to home at the world famous O2 in London, England. Well aware of the task at hand, Mickey has evaluated Godbeer’s combat resume, and though the goal is always a victory, it will be a “pleasure to share the ring with him”.

“I'm absolutely buzzing to be welcoming Mark (Godbeer) to BKB. As a fighter in combat sports, he's been there and got the t-shirt in almost every discipline. He's fought at the highest level in MMA and it's [going to] be an absolute pleasure to share the ring with him.”

More recently, training partner and friend of Mark Godbeer, Mason Shaw squared off with Mickey Parker at BKB 13. Shaw the victor, Parker says though Godbeer and his former opponent are working together in preparation for BKB 16 on March 30th, they have become good friends. Simply put “No, not at all, there is no rivalry what so ever with the lads from Somerset since BKB 13.” Parker says, then continues: “Me and Mason have actually become good friends. Me, him (Mason Shaw) and Matt Pitt have actually become good friends. I normally go sparring at least once a camp with them but had a chat with Mason before this camp started and he said he's [going to] be helping Mark out as there training together, so this camp we won't be able to do anything. Which is cool with me, but we did agree next camp and so on we will get back to helping each other out.”

When asked about a potential rematch, it seems as though that is not on Parker’s radar, saying: “Me and Mason had one pretty close since our fight and I can only really see us being sparring partners from now on, but I'd never say never. All I would say is our spars have been a lot better than our fights.”

Signing a contract to fight Mark Godbeer, to fight in bare-knuckle boxing or any combat sport takes a special mindset and athlete, especially with the success Parker has found in his more recent years of competing. From being a fan in the stands at BKB 5, Mickey instantly fell in love, sat with a smile on his face the entire night. He would later speak with Jim Freeman Dove (co-owner of BKB™), later attending BKB 6 as a guest, and from there, the rest as they say his history.

“I went with my coach Billy Bessey to watch BKB 5 when Kevin Bennett fought Liam James (I think) in the rematch for world title in Coventry, and just sat there smiling the whole night and thought this is a bit of me. [I] talk[ed] to Jim after, went to bkb6 as a guest and since then I've either fought or been in attendance of every show. This will be my 6th fight and we are progressing very well and I'm certainly finding my feet in the BKB circuit, and feel my full potential will come out in the next few fights.”

Fighting Mark Godbeer is the test Mickey Parker has been looking for in competing in bare-knuckle. Having fought in some of the biggest mixed martial arts promotions in the world, which includes the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Parker expects the blood that comes with this fight but says with his ever-growing progression his “hand will be raised” at the end of their “absolute war” on March 30th.

When asked what the fans in the O2 and those watching around the world can expect at BKB 16, it was a simple answer for Parker, saying: “An absolute war.” Continuing, he says: “When I joined BK I didn't join it to fight Billy from the local pub, I joined to test myself against big names. I've fought every one Jim (Freeman Dove) and Joe (Smith-Brown (co-owner of BKB™)) have asked me to. I've never said no to a fight. This fight really is for my fans, they spend a lot of money coming to watch me, the numbers are getting better each time and I'm really looking forward to putting on a show with Mark. I've told the wife this ain't gonna be pretty, she may have to look away at times. There will be blood, I might look a little fooked up afterwards and I'm sure I'm gonna feel the full power of Mark, but I'm also sure at the end of our war my hand will be raised.”

As Mickey Parker looks to extend his BKB record to 5-1, Mark Godbeer will search for success in his promotional debut. Live on FITE tv, Sky tv and available on FOX Sports Asia and Virgin Media, BKB 16 takes place on March 30th, less than two weeks away.

Only one can leave the winner. Let us know on Twitter: @bkb_official1 who you think will be the victor.
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