BKB™ Prize Fighter: Connor Tierney

Posted on Wednesday 6th March

BKB™ Prize Fighter: Connor Tierney

BKB™ Prize Fighter: Connor Tierney

At BKB 16, which is fast approaching, Connor Tierney will step inside the close quarters ring, opposite his opponent Ricardo Franco in the semi-finals of the Prize Fighter Tournament. 

Starting his bare knuckle boxing career with a victory, Tierney will now look to make a deeper impact in becoming the tournament champion, winning the prize money, title, and be awarded the Jack Broughton trophy. A rather tall order, but more motivated than ever, Connor is ready for action and to put on a show. 

Having an amateur boxing record consisting of 45 fights, Tierney feels he never reached his full potential while competing. At the time of retirement in 2018, he had lost motivation, but the Prize Fighter tournament opportunity presented itself, adding fuel to the nearly extinguished fire. “It just screamed at me” Connor said, and while this was something out of his comfort zone, having made an impact in his debut, he’s ready and looking forward to the semi-finals. 

“I have been in the sport of boxing since the age of 8 years old, it’s basically something that runs in my blood I’ve fought 45 times as an amateur and just never pushed myself 100% to get as far as what other people have said I can go. I retired from the amateur scene in March 2018 and lost the love of boxing for a while until I heard of the BKB Prize Fighter, it just screamed at me to get involved. The size of the event and the publicity involved, I’d never been in anything as big as it and it got me pumped to really push through and prove myself nationally in something completely out of my comfort zone. I feel as if I made a good impact on my debut and I am really looking forward to the semi finals!”

Proving his worth in his debut, he now finds himself up against another man with an unblemished record, that being Ricardo Franco. Familiar with ‘Rico’, Tierney is well aware of the task at hand. 

With newly found motivation to not only compete, but win, Connor says he will be the best version of himself come March 30th at IndigoO2. 

“I have seen a fair bit of Ricardo, he’s very tough, strong and he’s got some skill - it would be wrong for him not to be the favorite in this tournament. He’s undefeated and showed his dominance [in] every fight. I know this is going to be the hardest fight of my boxing career, I’ve got a height advantage and compared to the last minute 3 week camp I had with Lawson, I’ve been in the gym since the beginning of February. That’s an 8-week solid camp. I think ‘Rico’ will be fighting the best Connor Tierney there has ever been come 30th March, I will be there to make it a good fight, to win!”

Once again, similar to the three others competing in the tournament, still two fights away, Tierney isn’t focus on the potential £10,000 winnings. Should he win, a vacation is in order for him and his family, but the more personal prize is winning the tournament and earning a world title shot, which the champion Jimmy Sweeney is also awaiting.

“I am genuinely not really thinking about the £10,000 at current, it’s still 2 fights away, 2 very hard fights I have got to come through. I will probably sort a new car out and a holiday for my family, but for me the real prize is the world title shot and winning it [the tournament]. I know I’ve got the tools to be a world champion in this sport and there’s nothing I can’t think about more than that!”

Having now had the opportunity to train with a full fight camp, and an ultimate goal of winning and becoming the ‘Prize Fighter’, Tierney will look to present a new, more focused version of himself. A Connor Tierney 2.0, if you will. 

When asked what the fans in the audience and watching around the world can expect on March 30th, Connor says: “A very fit and focused Connor Tierney. I’m in a good camp, I’m doing new regimes and I’m pushing myself to new limits. I hope I switch on and put on the performance that people are still yet to see”

At the end of the month, March 30th, Connor Tierney will square off with Ricardo Franco in the BKB™ Prize Fighter semi-finals, where the winner will meet the victor of Smudger Smith vs. James Connelly in June. A fight card stacked with UFC legends, veterans, semi-finalists, grudges and more, be sure to tune in for the PPV live on SKY tv and FITE tv. 

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