BKB™ Partnership with FOX Sports Asia & Virgin Media

Posted on Wednesday 13th March

BKB™ FOX Sports Asia / Virgin Media

BKB™ Announce Partnership with FOX Sports Asia and Virgin Media


With BKB 16 just weeks away, the promotions biggest show to date, co-owners Joe Smith-Brown and Jim Freeman Dove have announced the partnership with Fox Sports Asia and Virgin Media, which will both be airing the up-and-coming PPV event on March 30th.

The broadcast deal allows easier access to those in Asia and the United Kingdom looking to tune into the event. BKB 16 is also available on Fite tv and Sky tv, which are the only remaining options as tickets for the event are sold out at the London O2.

Joe Smith-Brown says, following the big news “As a company we are so pleased to have Virgin Media and FOX doing the March show at the London O2 alongside Sky tv in the UK, also Fite tv in the United States on PPV!! BKB is now being seen as a genuine sport, and after five years of hard, and I mean HARD work, it's great to see!”

“Don't be fooled, because this is down to the great fans and fighters of this great brand BKB™ and also all of the staff that have worked tirelessly for this to come to pass.

”We have some massive names already on the card and are in talks with massive names going forward. I would like to say a huge thank you to everybody for believing in this brand, this sport and making us "the only legal BKB company on the planet" known worldwide.”

“We have been offered three venues in North America for 2020 and we are in advance talks with them, and with the massive following we have in the States, Canada and all over the world this will be a great chance for us to spread this sport and this brand all over the globe.”

Just a few short years ago, bare knuckle boxing was illegal, and still to this day frowned upon by some. With the sport making an impact on platforms such as FOX, Virgin, Sky and more, we’re watching one of the oldest sports in the world rebirth itself into a modern day combat sport.

BKB 16 at the O2 in London is sold out, but now available on FOX, Sky, Virgin and Fite tv -worldwide. Featuring the return of Brad Pickett, the Prize Fighter tournament semi-finals and more, you won’t want to miss this!

Order now, and let us know what you think on Twitter: @bkb_official1

bkb partnership fox sports asia and virgin media