Tyler Goodjohn Eyeing Sean George for September Return

Posted on Tuesday 16th April

Tyler Goodjohn, Sean George September

Tyler Goodjohn says a fight with Sean George is “more or less a done deal”, eying title fight and return for September.


In January of this year, following a successful debut in bare-knuckle boxing, Tyler ‘El Tornado’ Goodjohn would enter into a no. 1 contender bout with his now rival, Marc Navarro, the winner scheduled to fight for the lightweight title at BKB 16. In a fight that has now gone viral for its incredible display of boxing skills, Goodjohn would walk away the decision victor. However, in a disappointing turn of events, ‘El Tornado’ would suffer fractures in his fingers, thanks to his five-round war, and was forced to withdrawal from the championship opportunity.

Taking his place, Navarro would enter back into the ring, squaring off with Sean George, once again coming up short on the judges score cards, but in yet another back and forth war.

Once a missed opportunity, Tyler Goodjohn is eyeing his long-awaited fight with George in his search for gold, saying his return is “100% September.”

“I’m hoping, and it’s more or less a done deal, me fighting Sean George. Off the back of the Navarro fight I was meant to fight George, but I broke my fingers, which obviously took me out of that fight. He won that fight (against Navarro), so it makes sense for us to fight. It was meant to happen before, and I don’t think there’s a bigger fight out there. We have to fight.”

Though the bigger fight would be a title fight against George, many are calling for a rematch between Goodjohn and Navarro, purely based off of what the first fight delivered to the fans.

Uninterested, Goodjohn finds no reason for an immediate rematch between the two. Having felt like he won every round, and Navarro now on a two-fight losing streak, the fight simply doesn’t make sense for the future title challenger.

“Nah, not at all (having interest in a rematch with Marc Navarro). To be fair, I spoke with Jim about it, and he was wanting an immediate rematch, which would suggest the fight was close, and it wasn’t. There’s nothing to gain from fighting again. I’ve just beat him five rounds out of five. I’m not interested at all.” Goodjohn continued on, “I actually messaged Marc on Facebook. If he kept winning, and earned the chance to fight me again I’d have to fight him. Right now, he offers me nothing. If I go and beat him again, people will say “well, you beat him already”. There’s just nothing for me to gain from that fight. With George, he’s a former champion, he’s also beat Navarro. He’s a name, with plenty to gain from winning that fight. If Navarro went on a massive win streak and brought something to offer, then I’d fight him, but there’s nothing for him to bring to the table. I’ve been in this game a long time, with over 100 fights. I have to look at the big fights now, because realistically, I have to be looking for the fights that get me to the top. I need to fight the best.”

‘El Tornado’ has found some early success since signing with BKB™, building a rather large fan base, as well as being ½ of two very exciting match ups.

As quoted above, Goodjohn has over 100 fights under his belt, obtained in both gloved and gloveless combat.

Feeling like in his professional boxing career he was treated unfairly, ‘El Tornado’ has found a home in the England based bare-knuckle boxing promotion.

“I will only be fighting for BKB™ now”, when asked where is home in combat sports was.

While focused on bare-knuckle, majority of his time is in El Warriors Workshop, the gym ran and owned by ‘El Tornado’ himself.

A full time job, Goodjohn spends most of days in his gym, training clients and running a popular boot camp. His current and new members seem to thoroughly enjoy it, even though it’s filled with short-term pain.

His days run long and go late into the evening most of the time, but even still, Tyler always finds time to keep physically fit and train for his next BKB opponent. Sometimes those training sessions come in-between his scheduled paying customers.

“I run El Warriors Boot camp. It’s personal training, mainly focusing on boxing for fitness & also I have guys who fight for me as well, or just want to learn the art of boxing. The boot camp is Cross fit style training & every session I change it so it’s different & tests them in a different way. A typical day consists of starting at 5:30am & finishing at 9pm, & I train myself twice a day when I get spaces. I do this 6 days a week. I have lived boxing & fitness for 18 years so it was a natural & easy transition to start my own gym & share all my experiences. It’s very fulfilling & I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Upon entering into the newly legalized sport of bare-knuckle boxing, it was ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Jimmy Sweeney who would spar with, and prepare Goodjohn for his up-and-coming battles, and vise versa.

Through their one-on-one sessions, the two would become rather close friends, and now teammates. The three-division champion and Tyler will train together ahead of Sweeney’s return at BKB 17, where he defends his lightweight title against former WBC champion, Edgar Puerta.

“When I first said I was going to do BKB, I started sparring with Jimmy. He came down and we did some sparring to prepare for our fights. Through sparring we became really good friends. Sort of just became teammates. Jimmy’s going to come down and I’m going to train him for his fight in June.”

Another friendship that would spawn thanks BKB would be Goodjohn’s close relationship with Eric Olsen, who’s coming off of a victory of his own at BKB 16.

Olsen, who travels from North America to fight for the promotion based out of England, would find himself sharpening his tools and winding down his training camp with Goodjohn. Now really good friends, their time together is more than just for hitting pads, but also exchanging foreign cereals.

“With Eric, when he came over from America, he came over and hit some pads during the week leading to his fight. We’re really good friends as well, then asked me to be in his corner, which was really good.”

Fully recovered from his injuries and keeping busy in his gym, Tyler ‘El Tornado’ Goodjohn tells those watching and standing across from him to expect “something new”, working hard to delivery a full package in his next fight.

Luckily for the fans, who obviously won’t be engaging in war with the undefeated bare-knuckle boxer, those watching around the world and in the stands at the O2 Arena in London, England are “in for a treat.”

“Expect more excitement. Every time I fight I bring something news. In the Lafferty fight I showed I can stand and have a trade. I can out-trade anyone, and go to war with absolutely anyone. With the Navarro fight, I proved I can totally out-box anyone, and I’ve got the skills as well. Maybe in this next one, I’ll show I can go to war and box at the same time. The fans are in for a treat.”

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