Sean ‘Outlaw’ George Looking to Become Two-Time Champion

Posted on Thursday 28th March

BKB16 Sean Outlaw George

Sean ‘Outlaw’ George Looking to Become Two-Time Champion at BKB 16

This Saturday at BKB 16 in London, England, Sean ‘Outlaw’ George will square off with Marc Navarro, fighting for the vacant British lightweight title.

AT BKB 15, Tyler Goodjohn defeated Navarro, which would determine who would fight George this weekend at the O2. After sustaining an injury as a result of his 5-round war with Marc, Goodjohn was forced to withdrawal from the opportunity to clash with George for the title. BKB™ has now given that chance to Navarro, as he not only looks to redeem himself but leave England a champion.

9-3-2 in bare-knuckle boxing, George is one of the more experienced BKB fighters, having fought the likes of Jimmy Sweeney, a current 3-division champion and many more high level boxers. Coming from competing in K1 and mixed martial arts, George has made a rather successful transition to bare-knuckle combat, gaining interest after seeing two men slug it out in the middle of a football field without gloves or any form of padding. As they said, it seemed to be “love at first sight” for the ‘Outlaw’.

“There were a few paths I could have chosen along the way. Guess we live and we learn. But after having some time out (from competing), I saw a video of a mate of mine fighting in a ring on a football field with no gloves. I was intrigued and wondered if [it] was legal and above board. After making a few contacts, I was signed to fight my first BKB in Newcastle. Which I did. I won, and also won the fight of the night. The rest you can say is history.”

For most of those competing in BKB, a newly legalized combat sport, it seems as though they fall into an unexpected opportunity. What wasn’t well known to Sean George just years ago, is something he is now at the top of, as he looks to keep the British title in England following his Saturday night brawl on pay-per-view.

This will not be the first time George has had the pressures of fighting for a title, as he’s the former lightweight champion, and now back in a no. 1 contender spot, searching for what he once lost. At first, George was supposed to fight Jimmy Sweeney for the vacant title, however, plans have since changed, losing the possibility at finding redemption in gaining a victory over ‘The King of BKB’, at least for now.

Aware of the task at hand, Sean doesn’t pay much attention to Navarro, and isn’t “bothered looking into him” ahead of their co-main event fight.

“After winning the world title in style, I then lost it in style against the company’s number 1... Three weight champ Jimmy Sweeney. We agreed as there was no lightweight British title holder. I was mandatory to fight for that crown. After a change of opponent, I was soon matched with Marc Navarro. To be honest, only from what I’ve seen of Marc on the BKB circuit, I’ve not seen or bothered looking into him. Few times I been tagged on social media bits and bobs of banter. But I don’t bother looking or getting involved in all that.”

It’s been a long journey for the ‘Outlaw’, competing in many different organizations hosting different forms of combat sports. Now, however, George feels like he’s found a home in BKB™.

“After competing [in] BKB so long I definitely do feel like I’ve found a home. I got a good record and been in with top fighters. I built my name ‘Outlaw’ from nothing. I feel I’m one of the top names of the company/sport. And also played my part in building what was known as a dark sport up from the ground (in other words I’m part of the foundations of BKB). I couldn’t see myself with any other company apart from ubbad/BKB”

Still considered a “dark sport” to some, bare-knuckle boxing is growing at a rapid rate, in both Europe and North America. As stated by the co-owner, Joe Smith-Brown in a previous interview, the England based promotion will look to make their international debut in North America in 2020. A date and location to be announced.

Known as the ‘Outlaw’ in the ring, it’s a whole other story for George outside of competition. A full-time machine operator and family man, Sean admits some days are hard, but his two daughters bring endless motivation to the former title holder.

“I’m in full-time employment and also a loving family man. I tell u some days can be hard, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it. My day starts at 3:30/4:00 AM where I wake up. I then run while my chicken is in the oven (meal prep for the day). I then take my dog to my dads before leaving for work around 5:30AM to travel a good hour away. I work 9/12 hours before travelling an hour back home. On the way home, I have to meet Vincent Cleverly (world class trainer) at the gym where he put me through 12 to 21 rounds a day, and that’s without all the body conditioning we do at the end of every session. Some days I hate him, but we have the bond that is needed between a fighter and his trainer. I owe a lot to Vince for the work he has put in over the last 4 fights. My day doesn’t end there though. As mentioned earlier I’m a family man, so I have to go home and take care of my 2 beautiful daughters Ayla Grace and Avie Leigh, and see to my dog Archie before I just might get some time to sort myself out before bed. I wake up and do it all over again.”, Sean laughed.

On March 30th, Sean George fights for the British title, however, as stated previously, it’s not his first time in doing so. In the build-up to this fight, he’s been made aware of certain things said on social media, but plans on letting his “hands do the talking” for him. According to George, here’s what you can expect at BKB 16 in his fight with Marc Navarro: “All I can say is I’m going to be a completely different fighter from previous. I know Marc is going to want to have a tear up, and trust me, I can have a tear up with the best of them. But I will be a lot faster and sharper than he is.”

In a final message prior to stepping into the ring this weekend, George tells Adam LeBarr: “I would also like to say last Saturday I lost a friend Quigly to a heart attack. He has been to my last 5 fights and was due to attend this show also. I’m so sad to have lost a good supporter and a true friend. I am dedicating this fight to him. R.I.P Quigly.” Then thanking all of his sponsors making this fight and his career away from his day job possible.

“Thank you to my sponsors Creative King, Trap & Train, Physic Gym,, Tomahawk Doors ltd, Sonny’s Boxing gym, South Wales Hydraulics, the 501s, JP training and Carl Pyne Groundwork’s.”
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