Scott McHugh Expecting a Toe-To-Toe Bloodbath at BKB 17

Posted on Tuesday 14th May

Scott McHugh , Toe-To-Toe Bloodbath,BKB 17

On June 8th, Scott McHugh will more than likely be the man to wish farewell to the retiring Sean McFarlane, and expectations are running high. An early predictions for the ‘Fight of the Night’ award, McHugh predicts an all out war at BKB 17.

215 miles North of London lives bare-knuckle boxing up-and-comer, Scott McHugh. Now 1-1 after an impressive performance at BKB 16, McHugh will step his foot back into the ring, opposite the very experienced, Sean McFarlane.

On June 8th, the two meet inside the Indigo at the O2 Arena for the promotions 17th pay-per-view event, which can be purchased through

Having suffered a loss in his BKB debut, McHugh’s fight with Paul Stredder this past March was a must needed win. Well aware Stredder’s strengths inside the ring, it was a matter of sticking to the game plan, which produced a TKO victory.

“The fight with Stredder went well, and I stuck to the game plan. I know Stredder is good on the back foot, so that’s why I marched forward, as I can also take a big shot. I’ve got a good chin, but respect him very much.”

Paul Stredder, funny enough, is Sean McFarlane’s close friend and training partner. In assumption Stredder will share “tips” on training for McHugh, Scott isn’t worried.

Constantly looking to evolve, McHugh states his game plan ahead of his June 8th bout will be different from what the fans may expect.  

“I’m sure Stredder will be sharing tips with him (McFarlane) on my fight techniques, however, I’ll be changing my game plan as always.”

There’s no questioning the experience of McFarlane, having competed a number of times in bare-knuckle boxing, which also excludes his stay in traditional gloved boxing on the semi-pro scene. With confidence, McHugh says “youth is on my side”.

Really, what more could you say? If the experience is there, there’s nothing McHugh can do to change that, but simply bring an improved version of himself to BKB 17 early next month.

Sean McFarlane broke the news in an earlier interview that this was likely his last fight. A potential return in the future is a possibility, however, right now, retirement is the plan. McHugh now aware, it’s nothing but respect between the two ahead of their up-and-coming bout.

“Massive respect to him (Sean McFarlane) for fighting this long. He’s an asset to BKB.”

Fighting at the O2 Arena isn’t something everybody gets to do, even if you’ve dedicated most of your life to training and competing. Many have different stories on how or why they got into combat sports, training, etc. and for McHugh, it was simply the love of fighting, dating back to his early days boxing as a child.

“I’m from a Thai boxing background and always enjoyed been in the ring getting booted with head kicks.” McHugh laughed then continued, “I also boxed as a kid, which got everything started.”

As June 8th quickly approaches, there are only a couple weeks left of training camp for McHugh before having to make weight and enter back into the ring in front of 2500 fans in attendance, and thousands watching at home.

Expectations are high, and McHugh has no plans of providing anything less than a “toe-to-toe blood bath” of a fight. Of course, only to share a pint of beer after the predicted fight of the night award.

“I know Sean is tough as fuck, but I’m also tough, and can take a punch. I love a good brawl. I’ll see what happens, but I’m very confident my stamina and fitness will be on top. My right hand is really powerful and put plenty of people off with it. It will be a very fast start, me and Sean will be in a toe-to-toe blood bath, then have a pint after. I can see a fight of the night from me and the BKB legend.”

Scott also adds, “I love a toe-to-toe war. That’s what I’m good at. It will take a sledge hammer to knock me out, and I always get back up. I have a heart of a lion.”

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