Welcome to BKB™: Mitch Turner

Posted on Wednesday 6th March

Welcome to BKB™: Mitch Turner

Welcome to BKB™: Mitch Turner

As announced by BKB™ co-owner Joe Smith-Brown, the England based bare knuckle boxing promotion has signed Mitch Turner to their roster of fighters. 

Joe Smith-Brown and Jim Freeman Dove (also co-owner) are eyeing a June 8th debut for Turner. 

Smith-Brown says: “Pleased to announce the signing of Mitch Turner to the BKB™ family!
Mitch beat Scott Midgley in 30 seconds [on] Saturday (February 23rd, 2019) and has now reached out and earned the right to fight on the big stage at London O2 in June!”

Here’s a short clip of the finish, where Mitch TKO’s Midgley

No stranger to contact sports, Turner grew up with two older brothers, all of which were placed in some form of a sport involving contact, mainly Rugby. Dedicated to training and remaining physically fit, Mitch, per his Manager says he’s always had a natural talent to fight. On June 8th, Turner will finally get his opportunity at BKB 17 to prove he belongs in bare knuckle boxing, displaying his skills in the Indigo at the O2. 

“Mitch is absolutely buzzing to be offered the chance to fight on BKB in June,” Mitch Turner’s manager Dean Brook says. “He's had years of experience fighting. Having two older brothers and a dad who always made sure they were into some form of contact sport growing up, mainly rugby, Mitch just had a natural talent for fighting and he's extremely dedicated to training. He puts more hours in gym through week than most people do in their life's, as well as going work. Mitch currently stands at 1-0 in BKB after taking ‘Pretty Boy’ Scott Midgley out in under a minute. Mitch has earned his chance to fight in June and he can't wait to explode onto the BKB scene. When I asked Mitch to sign the contract for BKB and I needed to take a picture, his words exactly: "I'll sign it in blood and I'm wearing my United shirt.”

Successful in his bare knuckle debut in February, Turner aims to make a big impact on the sport, as well as for his name. Being naturally talented when it comes to fighting, a unique opportunity has presented itself, where Mitch will be able to further test his precision, boxing without the use of gloves. 

Stay tuned for more information on BKB 17 in June and Mitch Turner’s opponent reveal. 

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welcome to bkb™: mitch turner