CJ Mills Bringing Title Back “Where It Belongs”

Posted on Monday 25th March

CJ Mills fights Daniel Lerwell BKB16

CJ Mills on Fight with Daniel Lerwell, looking to Bring British Title “Where it Belongs”

Bournemouth, a coastal resort town on the south coast of England, a location where there lies a British champion, set to defend his title at BKB 16.

CJ Mills (2-0 in BKB) has successfully obtained an unblemished record in bare-knuckle boxing, more recently winning the vacant light heavyweight BKB™ British championship. On March 30th, he will square off with his toughest test to date, taking on Daniel Lerwell (2-0 in BKB), a man who is also yet to face defeat in his bare-knuckle combat career.

While undefeated in BKB, Mills also holds a perfect record of 9-0 in professional (gloved) boxing. The transition to bare-knuckle from wearing boxing gloves was a “massive change” however, Mills has still found the same success – winning.

In the newly legalized sport of bare-knuckle boxing, it’s common knowledge that precision is key, a lesson CJ quickly had to learn: “It (transitioning from boxing to BKB) was a massive change because every punch could potentially stop you or cut you badly, so where you can take the risk in gloved boxing, with BKB you have to think a lot more and choose your punches wisely. My heart has always been my biggest point, so when I train, I train like I’m fighting someone a million times better than me.”

Only one man will leave BKB 16 still holding a perfect record, and while in preparations for his up-and-coming PPV title fight, Mills sees this as his biggest test of his combat career, driving his motivation in training camp.

“I think he (Daniel Lerwell) thinks I’m underestimating him, but I never do that with whoever I enter the ring with. Everyone, I enter that ring with I see as my biggest test because that’s what gives me my drive to train so hard.”

Having found success in professional boxing, the pure “rawness of BKB” is what drew CJ Mills in, making the switch from wearing hand protection to nothing but skin and bone. Doing so for the biggest growing company also played a role.

“I’ve always loved the rawness of BKB and getting to do it for the biggest growing company just makes it that even bit better.”

Knowing his fight with Lerwell will be his first title defence, the champion is calm and focused ahead of his fight.

“My emotions are always calm and focused on what I need to do, and making sure I keep my
British title where it belongs.” Mills continues, addressing back and forth banter between fighters, it be love, dislike or what may seem to some as hatred. “Well both of my previous lined up fights where very heated over social media, so I can easily just go with the flow and love the banter. No matter what’s said, all of that’s left when we get in that ring. I’m one for just getting my head down and doing what I need to do, but as I said, (I) don’t mind getting involved if I need to.”

Yet to face defeat, CJ Mills is aware of his weaknesses, and in his training camp leading to BKB 16 on March 30th, Mills has put much of his focus into improving his all-around boxing skills.

One thing the fans can expect, the light heavyweight British champion assures, is that he will leave with “the belt back over my shoulder after the fight.”

“I’ll be coming into this fight stronger and better than before. I’ve been working a lot of different things that’s brought me on a lot more from my previous fights, so hopefully, I get the chance to show them off on the 30th and get out of first gear. One thing for sure though, expect to see the belt back over my shoulder after the fight.”

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cj mills fights daniel lerwell