Prizefighter 2 Quarterfinal Feature: ‘Smudger’ Smith

Posted on Wednesday 31st July

Smudger Smith BKB18

‘Smudger’ Smith is back, and this time, it’s kill or be killed for the former and current Prizefighter contender.

When one opportunity closes, another one opens. At least, that’s the case for Prizefighter, ‘Smudger’ Smith.

In the Prizefighter 1 tournament, which came to a close at BKB 17 on June 8th, Smith would sit on the sidelines, cornering good friend Scott McHugh. Though, he was just a judges’ scorecard away from competing that same night in the finals, this was ultimately derailed by a decision loss to James Connelly in the semi-finals, which took place at BKB 16.

For ‘Smudger’, that loss was simply used as a learning experience, and when Prizefighter 2 was brought to his attention, there was no questioning his position within the tournament brackets. Additionally, this was a chance to showcase his skills at his natural weight class.

“If anyone shuns an opportunity like this, closes their eyes and turns their head, they’re stupid, really.” Smith continued. “It was brought to my attention two weeks before the announcement. I wanted to be apart of it. I didn’t know if I would be, but I did put my name forward. My fight with (James) Connelly was close. We both agree it should have been a draw, and not a loss for me. This wasn’t a hard step for me to take. I knew I was fighting in the wrong weight class, so I figured why not make the move down and fight at this weight class and give my hand another go at the Prizefighter.”

With the brackets for the tournament being randomized, a live draw was broadcasted, where each fighter would learn who they were up against in the opening round. No surprise to ‘Smudger’, he drew a very unorthodox opponent, Jeff Chiffens.

Chiffens, who’s now 1-0 in bare-knuckle boxing, made his debut on Nov. 9th, 2018, where he would earn a first round knockout victory at WBKFF 1: ‘Rise of the Titans’.

Though he was left unpaid following the event, Chiffens never lost the urge to compete in BKB, and now, Smith will be the one to welcome him back, only this time at the O2 Arena in London, England.

“He’s very, very unorthodox. I’ve boxed for many years now, and when you spar with someone with more of a brawler style, you have to worry about strikes coming from odd angles. I’ve been hit and wondered where that came from? I have to be on my guard. He’s not going to be conventional. He isn’t going to come with the skillset of boxing, but he’s just going to want to go for it. His determination is clear that, he just wants to win. This guy doesn’t give a shit, so I’ve got to make sure I make him pay respect.”

The early betting odds have Smith at the favorite to win the entire tournament, with 3.0 on NetBet. Chiffens, however, is the underdog of the Prizefighter, sitting with a 17.0.

With early estimations predicting ‘Smudger’ will be victorious, for most, that would bring added pressure, but for Smith, nothing changes.

“I’ve been asked about pressure before, and I don’t really feel pressure. I’ll give respect, and I’m going to take respect. If I look at it like he’s lower tier, and I should fall into the ring and have a giggle with him... Lets just say that’s far from what I’m expecting. One of us is going to have to win. We’re going to get in there, the fight is going to happen, and one of us is going to have to win. I have no stress.”

‘Smudger’ Smith has already showcased his skills in and out of tournament format, but this time, Smith promises a different outcome.

With the recent unfortunate loss of his Nephew, Smith will dedicate his entire performance in the Prizefighter to him and his life. The motivation to win is there, and ‘Smudger’ warns everyone within the tournament that if they’re not stopping him with something significant, they’re in trouble.

“I’ll have more grit and determination, and I’ve already got plenty as it is. I’ve decided to dedicate these next few fights to my Nephew, and with that in the back of my head and in my heart, this guy’s going to need to do something drastic to stop me. If he doesn’t stop me, you’re getting hit by me, and if you’re getting hit by me, you’re getting smashed.”

Don’t miss the Prizefighter kickoff at BKB 18 on September 14th, featuring ‘Smudger’ Smith vs. Jeff Chiffens at the O2 in London, England.

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