‘PrizeFighter’ 2 Continues to Take Shape - September Kickoff

Posted on Monday 24th June

‘PrizeFighter’ ,September ,Kickoff

With BKB 18 taking place on September 14th, the bare-knuckle boxing promotion based out of England continues to shape the up-and-coming ‘PrizeFighter’ 2 tournament.


In the latest addition to the ‘PrizeFighter’, Hubert Geven will join the current lineup of combatants to compete in the tournament, which begins later this year at BKB 18.


Geven, who’s 13-3 in mixed martial arts, is undefeated in his last five outings. His entrance into the tournament will serve as his BKB debut.


Joining Geven is two bare-knuckle boxing veterans, ‘Smudger’ Smith and Paul Stredder. Smith was apart of the first ‘PrizeFighter’ tournament, where he was ultimately eliminated in the semi-finals. For Stredder, though he has BKB experience, this will be his first go at attempting to win the fan favourite tournament.


The first ‘PrizeFighter’ came to a close this past June 8th, where Ricardo Franco would earn a decision victory over James Connelly, crowning him the first ever tournament champion. With this, in addition to his monetary and trophy winnings, Franco will fight the ‘King of BKB’, Jimmy Sweeney next for the lightweight title.


As BKB 18 continues to approach, more and more fighters will enter the tournament brackets.


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