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Posted on Thursday 9th July

Mark Handley Shropshire Star
Shrewsbury electrician Mark Handley reckons he will become a hero to millions if he wins his next fight.

Handley is set meet Robin Deakin – known as ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ - for the third time in the bareknuckle boxing ring.

Promoters BKB confirmed this week the fight will go ahead at the Indigo at O2 on Saturday, September 12th – and it’s a fight that could be watched by millions.

The first two fights between Handley and Deakin have had more
than 3.5 million views on the internet.

Handley said: “The fights have had so many views because he’s an idiot, and people like to see him get beaten up."

“I’m happy to give the public what they want again."

“We will end up with more views than Tyson Fury and Deontay
Wilder. How crazy is that?"

“It’s not bad for a lad from Shrewsbury."

“The reason we get so many views is that he’s non stop in social media and it winds people up. They want to see him get smashed and I’m the man for the job.”

Handley has had the better of their first two fights.

The first ended in a draw after Handley scored an early knockdown and in the rematch, he dropped Deakin on the way to a points win.

“I’m looking to stop him this time,” said Handley. “I’ve put him down in the first round of both our fights and this time I want to finish him. In our first two fights, I put him down and didn’t go for the finish. I thought to myself: I want to enjoy beating you up for five rounds. This time I want to finish him, but he’s tough.”

Deakin has proved his toughness over more than two decades fighting as an amateur gloved professional and now bareknuckle professional.

Deakin says the Handley fight will be his last and though he started boxing later, Handley accepts he’s also nearing the end of his fighting days.

“I’ve got three fights left,” he said. “I’m 40 now and that’s old for a fighter."

“I’m looking sat this as a warm-up fight."

“Once this one is out of the way I want someone who’s highly ranked."

“I just want good scraps with fighters who are at a good level before I retire.”

Handley has shared a ring with a fighting legend.

He was picked as the opponent for MMA legend Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett on his bareknuckle debut and though he didn’t last a round, Handley has no regrets.

“I fought a legend,” he said, “and not many people can say that."

“The occasion got to me, and I didn’t perform, but at least I can always say I got in there with Brad Pickett. I would rather that than go around saying: ‘I could have fought Brad Pickett..."
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