Jimmy Sweeney Gives His Predictions for BKB 16

Posted on Monday 25th February

Jimmy Sweeney Gives His Predictions for BKB 16

Jimmy Sweeney Gives His Predictions for BKB 16, Fighting Prize Fighter Tournament Winner

Jimmy Sweeney, who is 20-1 in professional BKB (Bare Knuckle Boxing) will be attending BKB 16 later next month from the sidelines, not scheduled to fight, but watching the Prize Fighter Tournament, eyeing the victor in the future matchup. 

Sweeney, who last fought at BKB 14 against former Ultimate Fighter contender, Colin Fletcher, scored an early, first round knockout over the England native. He is the BKB™ Middleweight, Super Middleweight and Lightweight champion. His only loss comes to Julian Lane, in which he later avenged. 

While the ‘King of Bare Knuckle’ won’t be competing March 30th, he gives just a few of his predictions for the up-and-coming pay-per-view. 

“Brad Pickett vs. Mark Handley - I'm going to go with Brad in this one. I think his boxing is better, and he’s the big banger for a small guy, but Mark is a good fighter as well. I think Brad has it.” Moving on, he predicts: “Never seen mark Godbeer fight so can't call that fight against Mickey but wish them both luck. I think Sean George takes it against Marc Navarro, but that’s going be some fight - a proper war. We (also) have two fights in the prizefighter and I can’t pick a winner in either fight, but I will say it doesn't matter who wins that tournament you ain’t getting my belt… Trust me.”

With the recent signing of UFC and WEC legend, Bard Pickett, though at the top of BKB™, Sweeney welcomes ‘One Punch’ with open arms, thinks he has lifted the promotions profile, and will ultimately do great things in the sport. 

“It’s great Brad (Pickett) has joined, its really lifted the profile of BKB™ and I think he'll do very well in it.”

Jimmy isn’t one to sit out very long, however, to avoid burning out, this past year he took time away from the newly legalized, old sport of bare knuckle boxing. Eager to get back into the ring, he says he’s eyeing a June return.

“My return will be in June against a big name that's fought in the UFC, and this lad is tough as f***. He's never been KO'd or TKO'd, so I'm going to be the first person to spark him out. I took a lot of time out this year as I felt I needed the break and didn't want to burn myself out, so with the break its going to be great for me. I’ll come back fresh as f***, and looking to show everyone why I am the p4p (pound for pound) king of BKB.”

Negotiations continue, as co-owners Jim Freeman Dove and Joe Smith-Brown seek the next big challenge for their 3-division champion. 

Throughout combat sports, many have different stories as to why or how they got involved in competing, and for Sweeney, it wasn’t a question, but rather a way of life. 

“I'm an Irish traveler, so BKB is part of my culture and something I've been around all my life. It was inevitable that I’d have a few BKB fights, but when I found out about UBBAD and could do BKB with the family feuds I knew, it was for me. I remember my first fight, it was in front of about 150 people on a football pitch, and 3-years later I headline the indigo at the o2. It just shows the hard work that's gone into this company from the owners Joe and Jim, to the staff and the fighters. We have, and I for one feel I've been a major part of our growth.”

With talks of the English Bare Knuckle promotion going to North America in 2020, Sweeney hopes to be apart of the international venture, showing the fans and those maybe unfamiliar what the “best in the sport is all about.” 

“Yeah, the owners are hoping to have a show in (North) America next year, and I will definitely be there to show the American fans what the best in the sport is all about.”

What are your predictions for BKB 16 at the O2 Arena on March 30th? Let us know on Twitter: @bkb_official1, and use #BKB16.

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