Jamie Oldfield Makes his Bare-Knuckle Boxing Debut at BKB 17

Posted on Tuesday 21st May

Jamie Oldfield , Bare-Knuckle Boxing Debut ,

Joining the already stacked BKB 17 fight card on June 8th is Jamie Oldfield vs. Marcus Brimage. Oldfield touches on his and Brimage’s debut, transitioning from gloved boxing to bare-knuckle, and how youth may play a roll in a victory in his up-and-coming PPV bout.

On June 8th in the Indigo at the O2 in London, England, undefeated professional boxer, Jamie Oldfield will make his bare-knuckle boxing debut, opposite UFC veteran, Marcus Brimage.

As the sport of BKB continues to grow at a rapid pace, it’s no surprise big names and high-level athletes are becoming attracted to a new, old form of legalized combat. Sometimes in question, is ones’ ability to transition from professional boxing, mixed martial arts, or other disciplines successfully into a whole new world without the use of gloves.

For Oldfield, like everyone else, this will be completely new for him, as he makes his debut alongside Brimage. While he admits there are some notable differences he’s having to work on, it seems to all be positives, gaining increased speed and mobility without the use of boxing gloves.

“The transition works on my part, as I’ve always worn gloves, and personally I think they weigh your hands down.” Oldfield added, “With bare knuckle I’m enjoying throwing a lot faster combinations, and having my movement a little freed up.”

Ahead of their June 8th showdown on PPV, Jamie Oldfield acknowledges the experience of Marcus Brimage, and while he has all the respect in the world for him, Oldfield promises an exciting fight, but won’t reveal his training methods or game-plan prior to their outing in the O2.

In his mind, this is a must win BKB debut for the Cheshire, England native.

“I respect Brimage. I respect anyone who has the balls to step into that ring and put everything on the line time and time again. He has my full respect; the game plan won’t be spoke about, but I don’t think I’m in many boring fights...”

At just 24 years of age, once again touching on the experience of Brimage, Oldfield says his youth may play a role in his victory early next month. “With his age comes a lot of experience. I believe youth does play a part, but we will see on the night.”

Sometimes knowing the extent of your opponents resume and accomplishments can weigh heavy on a challenger’s shoulders, especially as you prepare to fight them. For Jamie, there’s no pressure, only excitement as the countdown continues.

All that motivates Oldfield is understanding his opponents are in there trying to hurt, and take what he’s worked so hard for, driving his motivation for victory.

“I don’t feel any pressure about this fight. I’m excited. It’s a big experience for me and that’s what excites me. Deep down I don’t really care who he’s fought or where he’s fought before. He’s another human trying to hurt me, that’s all I take into account. Any man standing across from you who wants to knock you out is a huge threat.”

Expectations are running high, and it’s without a doubt, “no matter what happens”, the fans in attendance and watching from home can expect nothing less than what they’ve paid for to see, Oldfield ended on.

“Everyone can expect an entertaining fight no matter what happens. But they will also see a lot of class and respect. I’d like to thank everyone for supporting me, and last, of all I wish Marcus the best of luck.”

“Let the best man win.”

Available on Fite.tv, Sky tv, Virgin Media and FOX Sports Asia, watch as Jamie Oldfield tries his hands are bare-knuckle boxing, also welcoming 8-fight UFC vet, Marcus Brimage to the close-quarters ring at the O2 on June 8th.