Sean George vs. Tyler Goodjohn Finalized - BKB 18 September

Posted on Friday 14th June

Sean George, Tyler Goodjohn, Finalized, BKB 18

After both Sean George and Tyler Goodjohn earned victories over Marc Navarro, the two are now set to square off for the world featherweight BKB title this September.


Finally, the fight everyone has been waiting for is set for the up-and-coming pay-per-view BKB event taking place on September 14th later this year.


At BKB 18, Sean George will meet Tyler Goodjohn in the centre of the ring, an encounter that should have already happened, but was delayed due to injury.


Goodjohn, who’s undefeated in bare-knuckle boxing, earned a championship title fight with George following a beautiful victory over Navarro earlier this year, however, having suffered a hand injury in his fight, that opportunity wasn’t as clear. Rather than wait, George decided to return to action, welcoming Navarro to the chance at becoming the lightweight British champion, but would fall short. Now, the timing couldn’t be better for what should have been...


Filled with confidence, George is ready to add another title to his trophy case at home, saying: “Me and Vincent Cleverly are ready. I’m in it to win it, and I’ll see Tyler in the middle (of the ring) at 11 stone (154lbs).”


Cleverly, who George briefly mentions, is his friend and coach. The two share a special bond, and Sean credits most of his accomplishments to the knowledge and world-class coaching from Vincent. The O2 Arena will be the grounds for George to further those accomplishments, but the task at hand is no easy one.


Goodjohn, who recently signed an extended 2-year contract with the England based bare-knuckle boxing promotion, has proven he has remarkable boxing abilities, those displayed in his two previous fights. Now, ‘El Tornado’ is back, and he warns George and the rest of the division of a better, more improved version of himself ahead of his September 14th showdown.


“I can’t wait to back in the BKB ring and build on my last fight. It’s been a mad few months’ exposure wise, and now I need to get back in there and back it all up again!


It’s the best fight out there for me, against Sean George for the world title down at my proper weight of 11th. I’m confident you’re going to see the best of me in this fight. I have nothing but respect for George he’s a great fighter who’s massively experienced and an ex-world champion. He’s as tough as they come. It will definitely be another fight of the night! No doubt about it, I’m going to have to be at my best to beat him, and nothing short of 110% in training camp will do.


As always, you’re going be entertained right from the start of camp to finishing with the fight. I’m here to bring something different to what is a totally different sport, so keep it locked because El Tornado is back!”


Tickets for BKB 18 in the O2 Arena on September 14th, 2019 go live on June 14th. Also available on PPV.