Mason Shaw on BKB 17, Cruiserweight Hit List

Posted on Thursday 30th May

Mason Shaw,BKB 17,Cruiserweight Hit List

On June 8th, Mason Shaw steps his foot back inside the BKB ring in the Indigo at the O2 Arena against late replacement, Dave Thomas. While digging deeper, Shaw details his cruiserweight hit list, his BKB 17 opponent, and life outside of bare-knuckle boxing.  

Mason Shaw, who was originally scheduled for a rematch with Jack Draper following a draw at BKB 16 this past March, is set to make his return against Dave Thomas, who’s filling in as a late replacement for the up-and-coming pay-per-view event. The scheduled bout will take place at the O2 in London, England.


With a new challenge ahead, there’s no shortage of goals Shaw aims to achieve throughout his bare-knuckle boxing career. On that list, is a victory on June 8th, a win against Draper, and a rematch with the now former cruiserweight champion, Kevin Thompson.


“I'm still looking for the Kevin Thompson rematch, and have been ever since (the first fight) with no luck. The belt has now been made vacant because he could not fight and was stripped. But I want to fight him again for that belt, so get ready.”


“The rematch (with Jack Draper) was definitely in my mind straight away, and I was shocked at the decision as you could see. I felt I won every round, landing cleaner shots and was not really getting hit.”


With these fights in mind, as Shaw looks for redemption, he also touches on the task at hand early next month. Though Thomas is a late replacement, nothing changes for Mason ahead of their fight. This is all too familiar to him, thinking back to his gloved boxing days.


“I know nothing about that guy (Dave Thomas), apart from bring tough, ready to go and make a name for himself. I'm used to being avoided in gloved boxing also, so late change in opponents is nothing new to me. I turn up and fight. I get the job done. Even since I’ve started BKB, I’ve had three guys pull out or have a change of opponent anyway.”


Growing up, Shaw was always placed in some form of combat sport. From a very young age, Mason was boxing, which later led to competing in mixed martial arts, and ultimately positioning him in the newly legalized sport of bare-knuckle boxing, something Shaw says brings out a whole different fighter.


He feels as though he’s doing something most wouldn’t, and honestly, he’s not wrong, given the sometimes brutal nature of the sport.


“I have done gloved boxing from a very young age, and also had MMA fights, but BKB for me brings something a little different out of you I feel your more alert, as any shot can put a man to sleep or cause serious damage to a fighter. I also think you got to have something a little different to do this sport. The majority of other fighters would not even consider stepping in that ring without some kind of gloves.”


Outside of the ring, it’s a whole other world for Mason Shaw. A family man, Shaw lives with his fiancé and two sons, all while maintaining a full-time, Monday-Friday job, and training for his fights.


“I'm a family man. I have my fiancé and two little boys at home. I go to work Monday to Friday and train as many times as I can throughout the week, and also balance that with spending time with my kids and fiancé. It can be hard, but we make it work, and my family is very supportive of what I do and give me a good drive to fight.”


With busy family life, work schedule and training regularly, Shaw also likes to remain busy in the ring. Fresh of his BKB 16 performance, having gone from training camp to training camp, it’s only a matter of showing up fight night for the rising cruiserweight star.


Entering his fight with Thomas following a draw has driven Mason’s motivation to perform at the next level, where instead of looking to the point system, he’ll look to risk it all, hoping to finish his opponent and make a statement.


“Training camp has been good. I’m still fresh from the last show, and weight is basically there already, so I'm a happy fighter. I felt with the last fight I had gears to go through but felt so comfortable in there, and me and my corner were confident I was winning. I did not see the need to risk anything, so this time over 5 rounds I will definitely go to work more and follow up on the clean shots.”


With that said, Mason Shaw assures he will show up at BKB 17 presenting the best version of himself.


Aware of what’s on the line, Shaw will look to put on a dominant performance on June 8th, hopeful his next outing will be a rematch with either Draper or Thompson for the world title.


“(I’m) just going bring the best me on the night, and I'm sure he will. This is going to be a great fight, with a lot more on the line this time. You can expect more aggression and work from me. I'm looking to put in my best performance yet.”