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Aims Visit To BKB

Aims Visit To BKB

BKB had the pleasure of inviting along Autistic Inclusive Meets, an organisation which we proudly sponsor.

Autistic Inclusive Meets is a not-for-profit organisation created by autistic people to enable families with autistic children, and autistic individuals to get out into the community and socialise in an accepting, inclusive environment with like-minded peers.

They provide support and advice to families and individuals, promote acceptance of autism through education of the general public, and protect autistic rights by campaigning against autistic mistreatment.

Visit their website online:

Autistic Inclusive Meets

From the AIM website:

On the 22nd of January we were invited up to the o2 Indigo to meet our sponsors BKB, along with some of our attendees and their parents/ carers. We also got to meet their boxers that would be fighting that night, and got to watch them weigh in. They were all so friendly, happily chatting to our attendees and posing for photos.

Read more about their experiences with BKB online by visiting their website: