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Barrie Jones photographed with his belts while doing an interview.

BARRIE Jones is in the history books!

BARRIE Jones is in the history books as a three-weight world bareknuckle boxing champion after victory in his big rematch in London.

In April, Jones became only the second fighter to beat legend Jimmy Sweeney.

Behind on points, Jones won in the fourth round after Sweeney suffered an eye injury.

The Welshman admitted there were “a few questions” after the outcome of that fight – and he took less than a round to answer them and take away Sweeney’s world featherweight title.

Jones was straight on the front foot at the opening bell and within a minute, Sweeney was bleeding from a wound around his left eye.

Jones stayed on the front foot, pressed Sweeney into a corner and targeted his body. His two-fisted barrage left Sweeney on his knees, blood dripping from the wound on his eye.

The Irishman dragged himself off the floor and went for broke. He slung bombs at Jones – and the Welshman slung bombs back at him.

Sweeney was forced to give ground and Jones hunted him down and drilled him to his knees again with a hard southpaw left.

The fight was waved off, making Jones a three-weight world champion and at 37 years old, he’s eyeing another fight in the United States.

Jones became a star in Miami last December by winning a fight in only 15 seconds.