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Dan Podmore fighting in the ring

BKB 26 – Birmingham has a new world champion!

BIRMINGHAM has a new world champion and whatever you, don’t spill his pint.

Dan Podmore was crowned the king of bareknuckle boxing after he took the world heavyweight championship off Jody Meikle at London’s O2 Arena.

The venue was packed with 3,000 fight fans and millions more around the world saw the 34 year old outclass Meikle.

After two rounds, Meikle, formerly one of the hardest fighters on the pro gloved circuit, couldn’t take any more after two rounds and was retired.

But in bareknuckle boxing, it hurts even when you win and Podmore said: “I have messed up my hands. He has a hard head !”

Podmore was a journeyman boxing on the hard unlicensed circuit before he decided to ditch his gloves and he said: “The hard work has paid off.

“I have fulfilled my dream.”

Podmore outclassed Meikle. The Cornwall-based veteran spent most of the fight not knowing where Podmore’s fists were coming from as he put on a masterclass of aggressive counter punching.

The Brummie had Meikle on his knees in the opening round with a right-left hook and had him looking disorganised several more times before the bell.

The second round was similar. Podmore applied pressure with his feet and waited for Miekle to throw punches that he dodged and then countered.

He had Meikle down again with a left hook-right and the doctor decided he couldn’t take any more at the end of the round.