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BKB Revisits The Bare Knuckle Amazon Documentary

In 2018, BKB was featured in a behind-the-scenes documentary outlining the history and continued growth of Bare-Knuckle Boxing. The powerful documentary explores the meteoric growth of the ultimate British blood sport, as experienced through the eyes of the bare-knuckle boxing world elite. Featuring an impressive range of fighters, promoters and authors; including Frank Bruno, Jimmy Sweeney and stars of UFC reality show “The Ultimate Fighter”, Melvin Guillard & Cody McKenzie.

“This documentary takes you behind the scenes of the UK’s fast-
growing bare-knuckle boxing fraternity. You see interviews with the fighters and see
them in the ring fighting bare-knuckle. It is fascinating to get an insight into what goes
on inside the mind of the people who are brave enough to step into the ring and fight
bare knuckle. Having attended one of the excellent BKB events myself, it was great
to see what goes on in putting on one of these shows.”

Simon Hazeldine

“Well worth your watch. A fantastic well produced insight into a
fantastic world of underground boxing going mainstream. Absolutely fantastic watch!”

Geoff Stratton

“If your into your combat sports you’ll enjoy this great watch and shows
just how much the sport of bkb has grown over the last few years”

David Quinn

Despite being centuries old, the sport of bare-knuckle boxing has always sat firmly in
the shadow of its gloved alternative. However, the BKB fight scene has recently
enjoyed a huge surge of mainstream attention, with fighters from over 100 countries
appearing on BKB in the last 8 years. This divisive sport has experienced a meteoric
rise in popularity, going from the underground to a prime-time TV sport, drawing
significant crowds and selling out O2 arena bookings. Packed with insightful and
passionate interviews, Bare Knuckle explores the legal issues and evolution of the
sport, its continual rise in popularity, and the fight to give modern-day bare-knuckle
boxers the professional recognition they deserve!