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DANYLO Hrebeniuk

DANYLO Hrebeniuk

DANYLO Hrebeniuk has picked fights with his bareknuckle boxing heroes ! The Ukrainian makes his BKB TM debut next week when he faces Matthew Moore at the O2 Arena on Saturday, September 16.

Hrebeniuk goes into the fight saying he is hunting down bareknuckle boxing legends. The 28 year old said: “I want to fight the best. “That’s my desire and that’s how it works with BKB TM. “I respect these guys. I see Jimmy Sweeney has had 30 bareknuckle fights and I didn’t think this was possible. “I respect him for that and I respect his skills – but I want to fight him.

“The same for Barrie Jones and Dan Chapman. “I have messaged Dan on Instagram to tell him that his story motivates me a lot. “He was at the top of his sport and then he had an accident and the doctors told him not to even dream of training again, but look where he is now. “I am looking forward to meeting him at the show and he said we can talk afterwards and maybe we can fight each other some day.”

Hrebeniuk started fighting bareknuckle in Ukraine before heading across Europe and ending up in London. Eurosport viewers have seen him storm to a couple of quick knockouts on Quest gloved boxing shows and he made an explosive bareknuckle boxing debut in Stoke. “I fought their champion and knocked him out brutally,” said Hrebeniuk. “He was out for 10 minutes. “It was a statement and proved to myself that I can do this.” Hrebeniuk has lost only one of eight bareknuckle fights and combines his training with working as a waiter in central London. “I make the cocktails and shake them,” he said. “I have met people who have seen my fights and I sometimes get noticed because I have black eyes ! “Everyone at work is very supportive. They always want to know when I’m fighting next and a few of them are coming along to my next fight.”