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Joe Smith-Brown

Unfinished Business between Eric Olsen and Szymon Szynkiewicz

IT’S only hours now until the action starts at the O2 Arena !

The show on Sunday afternoon features one of the most-anticipated rematches in BKB history.

There’s unfinished business between Eric Olsen and Szymon Szynkiewicz after their fight in July.

Eric was thrown out for head butts – and claims he was fouled first !

There had to be a rematch and it goes ahead this weekend in the trigon, so there’s nowhere for either of them to hide.

Both are promising toe-to-toe action and Szymon says we will see the bloodiest fight in bareknuckle boxing history !

That will suit Eric and it’s up to referee Andy Albrighton to make sure no laws are broken.

We know Andy is the man for the job.

The show also features the first women’s professional bareknuckle fights staged in the UK.

The first female world super-welterweight champion will be crowned after Miranda ‘She Hulk’ Barber meets Jozette Cotton and there’s another match between Jamie Driver and Sonya Dreilling.

We are hoping some British women will watch them fight and fancy their chances against them !

I’m a big fan of women’s boxing and it’s a matter of time before we see women fighting for BKB TM – and beating the Americans !

We have four matches between BKB TM and BYB Extreme fighters on Sunday and I’m backing our boys to come out on top !

The Police Gazette Diamond Belt is on the line when Carlos Guerra meets Seth Shaffer in a top-quality match and the show also features many other fans’ favourites.

Enjoy the show !

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown