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About BKB

Our Vision

BKB maintains high standards of combat sport and providing the experience of a excellent evening with exceptional fighters producing up the best action in the world.

16 Sellout Events

at London's o2 Arena

100+ Fighters

matched in weightclasses

70 Countries

represented by Athletes

150 Million +

media impressions globally

Origin of BKB

Founded by Joe Brown and Jim Freeman, Bare Knuckle Boxing TM was created to provide a professional platform for the sport of Bare Knuckle Boxing.

The rules were developed identical to those of gloved boxing with an official referee and weigh-ins, judges, on-site medical team, and fighters
matched according to weight and ability.

With Brown and Freeman’s ambition, the sport has gained traction and grown over the years, beginning with events held at small venues such as the Coventry Sports Connection and Coventry Sky Dome to Liverpoo’s Echo Arena, to now calling London’s 02 Arena the offical home of BKB.

Bare Knuckle Boxing features athletes, including experienced ex-gloved boxers, in peak condition fighting for world titles in the ring.

Jim Freeman
Joe Brown & Wife

A message from our director

Bringing this intensely exciting purist combat sport into the mainstream where it belongs. Fighters always equally matched “no easy fights”. We are rapidly gaining respect and popularity! Every fan of combat sport needs to experience a night at a BKB event and see and experience for yourself the spine-tingling, adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. You will be hooked.

- Joe Brown, Director of BKB


Clive Allison BKB Referee

Man in the middle

‘Clive Allison the man in the middle’

Background Muaythai Fighter SHW was ranked 7th in British rankings. Fought Dillian Whyte twice under Muaythai rules result draw and points loss after an absolute war.

Been a professional A class referee since 2008, specifically Muaythai, K1, MMA and boxing. Been with BKB for 5 years under the watchful eye of the Late Great Barrington Patterson

Lance Murdoch - Ring Announcer BKB

Ring Announcer

‘Lance Murdoch is not your average Ring Announcer’

Before turning his hand to presenting combat sports 5 years ago you’d find him performing at festivals, clubs and parties all over the UK, Europe and Asia in a career spanning 3 decades…

He follows no blueprints and brings an unrivalled flair and energy.

Lance is very pleased to be a member of the BKB family, so…

” Let’s get down to business!”

Andy Albrighton BKB Referee

Man in the middle

‘Andy Albrighton started boxing in his mid 20’s at middleweight’
After he stopped fighting he got involved in reffing around 10 years ago and has travelled the length and breadth of the country refereeing hundreds of shows.
“I’m one of the busiest and respected referees in the country. I’ve been an avid follower of BKB from the beginning and have been involved a couple of times on previous shows in various capacities (ring hire, Judge, ref).”
Andy has a lot to do with various charities and helps with fundraisers on a regular basis. He has helped raise thousands.
“I help run the FB group semi-pro boxers stats that help promoters and fighters match fights all over the country, the focus of the group being on fighter safety and welfare.”

Our Values

We demand integrity
Winning together
Working hard
Inspiring solutions
Respect others
Celebrate success

History of Bare-Knuckle

For much of the 19th century boxing was not considered a sport in America. It was generally outlawed as a notorious crime, and boxing matches would be raided by the police and the participants arrested.

Despite the official bans on matches, boxers often met in celebrated fights which drew large crowds and were reported in newspapers. And in the era before padded gloves became standard gear, the action in the bare knuckles era was particularly brutal.

Matches could go on for hours, with opponents battering away at each other until one collapsed or was beaten insensible. While the contests involved punching, the action bore scant resemblance to modern boxing matches.

A change in rules occurred in the 1860s in England. An aristocrat and sportsman, John Douglas, who held the title of the Marquess of Queensberry, developed a set of rules based on the use of padded gloves. The new rules came into use in the United Kingdom in the 1880s.

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