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Founded  BY JOE BROWN AND JIM FREEMAN,  bKB was launched to provide a professional platform for the sport of bare-knuckle boxing. One that did not previously exist. Bkb were the original developers of the sport and The rules were created to match those of gloved boxing.

The founders drive and ambition has consistently taken the sport to the next level, year on year. Showcasing remarkable annual growth with events now taking place all over the world.

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The Sport

the origin:

The sport as it is known today originated in England. The first newspaper report of a boxing match in England dates from 1681.

The first bare-knuckle champion of England was James Figg, who claimed the title in 1719 and held it until his retirement in 1730.

modern bkb:

Bare-knuckle boxing has seen a resurgence in the 21st century, with fans wanting an authentic combat sports experience.

A number of UK and American promotion companies have launched and are competing to capture the growing global demand and popularity of the sport and we are leading that charge!

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Our Journey

With Brown and Freeman’s ambition, the sport has gained traction and growth over the years, beginning with events held at small venues such as the Coventry Sports connection, to now calling London’s o2 arena the official home of BKB.

In total, BKB has now put on over 30 events and expanded globally, with shows taking place in the UK, the US, Thailand and Dubai.

key points:
  • Events regularly sellout
  • More than 100 exclusive fighters to BKB
  • Over 150 million digital media impressions across the globe
  • Internationally recognised competition and titles
  • Exceptionally loyal fanbase
  • Athletes representing more than 70 countries

Broadcasters & Features

We work with some of biggest broadcasters in the world:

bein Sports
Clash TV

Powerful documentaries from netflix and amazon prime explored the growth of BKB, through the eyes of the bare knuckle boxing elite. Featuring BKB’s impressive range of fighters, promoters and authors. 

BKB has also  appeared on the bbc and itv, showcasing the sports origins  and bkb’s journey along with developing the sport.

We've been featured on:

Sky Sports

BKB Events

In 2022, 20,000 spectators attended BKB shows, while millions more watched live online from 52 different countries. During the last 8 years, fighters from over 100 countries have appeared on BKB, as its popularity worldwide continues to prove that it is the fastest-growing sport on the planet.

event features:

  • 11+ Fights, Including World Title Matches
  • Top Matchmaking and Quality 50/50 Fights
  • Fantastic Value for Money
  • Highest Safety Protocols
  • International Shows in Every Continent
  • Exclusive Vip Sections
  • Merchandise
BKB Fighters


375K reach (2022)


207M reach (2022)


3.8M reach (2022)


328K likes (nov 2022-)

BKB Filming

BKB Fans

BKB fans are part of our journey and make the sport valued and respected worldwide.

BKB’s global following currently stands at 508k, with an additional 94k subscribers on youtube. Our fanbase is consistently growing, as we use our media reach to new audiences.

Growth & Trajectory

The determination, desire and pursuit of excellence from bkb’s promoters joe brown and Jim Freeman, has elevated the sport to a new level. Enabling the company to continually raise its global profile year after year.

BKB plans to become the world’s leading bare-knuckle boxing organisation, whilst maintaining the highest of standards across each continent. We also plan to expand our merchandise offering through the provision of high-quality clothing and increase the popularity of our PPV offering!

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