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Rules & Safety

BKB insists on the highest safety protocols. Rule # 1 is SAFETY.

1.1) a) The opponents in any contest must be no more than a stone in difference. This must never exceed the one stone limit in any contest

b) Agreed weight limits will be agreed with management prior to the contest

1.2) Weight classes are as follows:

  • 10 stone and under- Flyweight
  • 10-11 stone – Featherweight
  • 11-12 stone – Lightweight
  • 12-13 stone – Middleweight
  • 13-14 stone – Super middleweight
  • 14-15 stone – Light heavy weight
  • 15-16 stone – Cruiserweight
  • 16 stone plus – Heavyweight

a) Fighters can loose their belt on the scales if not on weight and all titles must be defended in a 6 month period, with an extra 4 weeks in exceptional circumstances on medical grounds.

b) There will be British and World titles in each weight class and a fighter is unable to hold both at the same time (full rules on Championships are available from management).

1.3) The weigh in shall be conducted in accordance with any directions given from time to time by management.

1.4) All arrangements about the weigh in shall be passed on prior.

1.5)a) All boxers must weigh in no more than 12 hours before and not less than 4 hours prior to fighting. b) Official weigh in time is 3 o’clock on the day.

1.6) At the weigh in boxers may only wear items of clothing approved by management.

1.7) When a boxer is over weight he has 2 hours before the start of the show to be the correct weight

1.8) The appointed referee, time keeper and three scoring judges will be announced prior to the show.

1.9) All fights, shall be in a 4 rope ring area no less than 16 foot and no more than 20 foot square.

1.10) The referee should have a clean shirt, trousers and trainers on.

1.11) All contests will be between 3 or 5 rounds of 2 minutes with a 1 minute interval between rounds. Round timing in the future may change to 2.5 minute rounds with 1.5 minute break.

1.12) Management will ensure that a minimum of 2 doctors are present one of which must be able to offer medical assistance to an unconscious or partially conscious patient and will be seated ringside at all times during a contest.

1.13) All boxers shall be medically examined before or after the weigh in and a doctor must be on hand to give immediate medical assistance to any boxer should this be required.

1.14) A medical stretcher will be available for use, if needed, situated ringside at all contests.

2.0) No more than 4 people are permitted to be in boxers corner.

2.1) The chief cornerman must identify themselves to the referee prior to a contest and he is the only person permitted in to the ring in between rounds.

2.2) Unless prior permission is granted the corner staff must carry only:

  • clean white towels
  • white petroleum jelly
  • cotton wool or cotton buds
  • sterile gauze in sealed packs
  • blunt edged scissors
  • an ice pack
  • plasters
  • soft bandages
  • an eye iron

2.3) Nothing other than water shall be permitted.

2.4) No boxer shall use any substance for massage or any other purpose on any part of his body which may be harmful or act as an irritant for his opponent. The use of petroleum jelly around the eyes or on the face is allowed.

2.5) Boxers may only wear boxing boots and shorts approved by management. Boxers must be stripped to the waist or wear a BKB branded top only.

2.6) Spare shorts and tops are on hand from management.

2.7) All boxers must wear an approved groin protector under their shorts.

2.8) A boxer is required to wear a gum shield at all times during a contest and management advise a spare one is on hand.

2.9) The supervisor in charge shall ensure that clean towels are available before every contest.

3.0) Bandages have to be worn and not weigh over 4oz. These have to be of soft material. Plastic tape style are not permitted and only the supervisor or chief cornerman are allowed to wrap hands.

3.1) The supervisor must approve all hand wraps and then sign them prior to a contest.

3.2) Bandages will be provided by management and these are the only ones to be used.

3.3) The time keeper shall ring them bell to start each round and shall call corners 10 seconds before the end of each round.

3.4) The cornerman must leave the ring when called by the time keeper. The referee will ensure this is done.

3.5) Boxers must shake or touch hands before the contest commences and at the start of the final round. Boxers must defend themselves at all times.

3.6) a) The judges shall award a maximum of 10 points at the end of each round to the better man, and a proportionate number to the other boxer Iff he considers the round even then the maximum will go to both boxers. b) Score cards will be collected round by round by the supervisor and if event broadcasted this will be announced through the TV coverage.

3.7) Official score cards will be issued on the night of the contest.

3.8) If a boxer goes down to the floor from a legitimate blow the referee shall count off the seconds at the earliest and strictly in accordance with regular counting. The opponent shall retire immediately to the furthest neutral corner and neither boxer shall resume boxing until ordered to do so by the referee.

3.8.1) In regulation ‘down’ shall mean one of the following:

when a boxer falls from the boxing ring beyond the ring apron as a result of a legitimate blow.

when a boxer is on one foot or both feet and at the same time any other part of his body is touching the floor or boxing ring.

when a boxer is supported on the ropes of the boxing ring and in the opinion of the referee is unable to defend himself.

3.8.2) A referee has the power to interrupt the count when he considers that a fallen boxer is in need of urgent medical attention an in such cases the opponent shall be declared winner by TKO.

3.8.3) a) The referee may consult the ringside doctor at any stage during the contest. b) We have a provision of medical staff to throw a red towel into the ring at any point of a contest which gives the power for the doctor to consult the referee on a potential stoppage.

3.8.4) If at any time during the contest the referee decides in his complete discretion that one boxer is outclassed, or is unable to continue as a result of injury, or is not in a position to continue a winner can be announce.

3.8.5) In the event of the count being interrupted by the bell the boxer has a chance to regain his feet until the end of the break between rounds.

3.8.6) Any member of the corner staff who is in breach of any rules, or guilty of behaviour which in the opinion of the referee is detrimental to the boxer or referee may be ordered from the ringside.

3.8.7) The following acts are not permitted:

  • Hitting below the belt
  • Using a ‘pivot blow’
  • Hitting on the back off the head
  • Kidney punching
  • Hitting with open hand, or the back of the hand, or with wrist or elbow
  • Holding or butting or careless use of the head
  • Wresting or roughing
  • Not trying
  • Intentionally falling without receiving a blow [this will result in the purse being withdrawn]
  • Failing to break when ordered to or striking on the break
  • Deliberately striking an opponent when dropping to the floor or when down
  • Hitting an opponent after the end of of the round
  • Any other conduct the referee deems a foul

3.8.8) a) In above cases the referee shall name the boxer at fault and either warn him or disqualify him. b) The referee has the power to give a warning, or a point be deducted, or ultimately disqualification for any of the above.

3.8.9) When ordered by the referee to ‘break’ boxers shall immediately take a step back.

4.0) If for any reason the referee decides that contest shall be stopped temporarily he shall call upon both boxers to stop boxing and instruct the time keeper to stop time.

4.1) In the event of a disqualification the referee must report the facts to the corner staff and boxer.

4.2) A disqualified boxer shall have his purse withheld upon an appeal.

4.3) The chief cornerman shall have sole responsibility of retiring a boxer in contest.

4.4) The contest shall be decided by the boxer who has the most points.

4.5) At the conclusion of the contest the referee shall raise the arm of the winning boxer or in the case of a draw both simultaneously.

4.6) If a referee is unable to continue a replacement referee shall take his place.

4.7) No person other than the supervisor, MC and corner staff are permitted into the ring on conclusion of a bout until a decision has been announced.

4.8) The referees decision is final in all ring matters.

4.9) The supervisor has the power to review any decision in consultation with the referee and review any decision up to 48 hours after a contest.

If an accidental foul cases an injury severe enough for the referee to stop the fight immediately the bout will result in a technical draw. If 2 rounds are completed then the decision will go to the score cards.

If a low blow occurs a time out up to 5 mins will be allowed.

If an intentional foul (other than low blow) causes an injury and the injury is severe enough to stop the contest the guilty boxer will be disqualified.
If an intentional foul causes and injury but the bout is allowed to continue a 2 point deduction will incur.

If the referee feels a boxer has conducted himself in a unsportsmanlike manner he may stop the bout and disqualify the boxer.


Beginners Guide

  • Safety is our number one priority
  • No gloves, wraps only
  • Each round lasts 3 minutes
  • If the referee calls it, it’s over
  • No spectators allowed in the ring
  • Fighters who’re knocked out, lose
  • Punches only, no kicks or elbows