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Anthony Holmes fighting vs Chad Kelly

BKB 26 – Holmes retains title

ANTHONY Holmes is still the world’s bareknuckle boxing champion after he drew with American challenger Chad Kelly in London.

Hundreds of fans headed to the capital to cheer on ‘The Yorkshire Gladiator ’ in his highest-profile fight to date.

Kelly built a reputation in @bybextreme in the States – and Holmes could be heading there for a rematch after the judges scored a draw after seven rounds.

Holmes did enough for me, making sure by winning the last round convincingly, but he accepted he wasn’t at his best after picking up an eye injury in the first.

He said: “I got caught in the first and couldn’t see out of my left eye. “I got caught fighting his fight and I would love the rematch.”

Holmes looked on course for an early win when the doctor looked at Kelly’s injuries after two rounds.
Kelly was allowed to continue but struggled to fathom out Holmes in an often scrappy fight.

The judges had Holmes up after three rounds before Kelly clawed his way back into it. The fight looked to be up for grabs going into the last – and Holmes landed all the cleaner shots in the final two minutes.

Kelly took the fight to him at the bell – and ran onto punches.

Holmes connected with an uppercut – possibly his best punch of the fight – landed jabs and the final punch of the fight was a left hook that smacked Kelly flush on the chin in the dying seconds.