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Danny Meins

Danny Meins has decided to ditch his gloves 

DANNY Meins has decided to ditch his gloves – after he got bored chinning his boxing rivals !

Meins has a solid amateur boxer with Cambridge Police before drifting away for several years.

He returned in February to score a knockout on a white-collar show – and the 36 year old from Peterborough says he will find the challenge he needs in the country’s fastest growing sport.

Meins has signed with top bareknuckle boxing promoters BKB TM and makes his debut for them at the O2 Arena on Saturday, December 3.

He’s match with Corey Healey in a clash of debutants.

Meins said: “When you’re a fighter, you miss fighting.

“I got back in the gym for that white-collar show, but I found it a bit boring with gloves on.

“It didn’t excite me the way it used to. I needed more of a rush, so I spoke to Callan (Harley).”

Harley and Martin Reffell have put Peterborough on the bareknuckle boxing map and Meins decided he had to join them after going to a show last month.

“I loved it,” he said. “It was a brilliant night.

“It was better than most of the boxing shows I’ve been to and being there just made me want to be a part of it even more.”

Meins isn’t making any bold predictions about how far his fists may take him.

BKB TM send fighters to the States and have a show in Thailand in January, but Meins said: “I’m just going to have this first one and see how it goes.

“Of course I would like to win titles and my counter punching style should suit bareknuckle boxing, but we will see what happens.”